Tuesday 16 May 2023

Tuesday Variety

Access Upgrade 2

It is obvious to any reader that there is insufficient room in the existing booking hall at Peckham Ryde station to fit new staircases, an extended gate line and lifts to all platforms. There ain't the room, mate!
But, of we look carefully at the pictures fbb posted yesterday ...
... we can see the shadowy shape of the original station building above and behind the new circulating area. A side elevation explains all!
Once the renovation and extension of the building is complete, you will enter as now (far right) and walk through the present booking hall, through a bit more of the existing building and into a new bit tacked on to the back, extending from the western elevation

Here is a reminder of the eastern frontage accessed via creepy back alleys and a less than attractive shopping arcade.
Here is the other end c/o Google Earth, taken when cleaning of the stonework was in progress.
What confused fbb was at least one artist's impression ...
... which showed some sort of market in the old back yard but no obvious extension to the building. The infill between the two wings is old (dating from the 1920s??) ...
... but other views are more explicit about the new construction ...
... although, clearly, detailed work was still "fluid".
But the existence of a large glazed "wall" to bring light to the new circulating area seems a common theme.
There are hints the something will be happening on the platforms ...
... but Notwork Rail's offer of "wider platforms" seems unlikely unless extra width is to be cantilevered out from the existing viaduct. It would cost gazillions to widen the tracks for the island platforms 1 and 2. Maybe Notwork Rail means removing clutter and ancillary buildings and huttage?

The facilities inside the new building will be an adequate compensation, surely?

But fbb has left the best bit to last. Remember that cluttered approach to the front doors?
Remember the uninviting and rather seedy arcade?
Accommodation has been found for the traders in adjacent property and the whole load of clutter is to be razed to the ground to create a brand new "Station Square" fronting on Rye Lane.
Just like it used to be!
And, as a bonus, it will get back its glazed portico over the main entrance!
For those who have an architectural interest, the station was designed by Charles Henry Driver (1832 to 1900) ...
... who deigned many other stations including nearby Denmark Hill.
He also designed the Crossness ...
... and Abbey Mills sewage pumping stations ...
... both part of Joseph Bazalgette's scheme to rid London of the celebrated "Great Stink"!

Local reports from Peckham suggest that, now the arcade traders have been found alternative accommodation, Charlie's splendid station can be revealed in all its intended glory and be made better for the travelling public.

All that is needed now is for the Billiard Hall to be re-opened, but please, pretty please, NOT with an ugly external staircase!.
Unlikely as billiards is not the "draw" it once was!

Pulchritude At Pocklington - Possibly
This twittering made fbb sit up and take notice.
Stuart Fillingham is "Head of Commercial" for East Yorkshire buses.
But the accompanying pictures were interesting because they do show some stunning improvements to "the waiting area" at Pocklington bus station.

Before ...
... and after.
Apparently the Bearded Bus Beautifier from the Bush has also been involved in this bus station revamp. Pity they couldn't manage to post copes of the actual timetables for the 197 and 199. Maybe East Yorkshire thought that they might take up too much pace.

Here is the 197 ...
... and, equally impressive, here is the 199.
To complete the excitement, here is a route map for the 197.
But there is a snag with Mr Fillingham:s twittering.

There is no bus station in Pocklington.

There is a forlorn and uninviting shelter in the yard of the bus depot ...
... a few feet left of the garage doors.
In case you don't spot the "waiting area" here it is in close-up ...
... again - but before its upgrade.

Toilets - NO

Timetables - NO

Snacks - NO

Enquiry Office - NO

Welcoming signs - NO
To add to the luxury, there is another stand (shelter?) opposite, which is only slightly less exciting than the original and upgraded best.
East Yorkshire is a company (GoAhead group) renowned for smart vehicles and good printed publicity.
The earlier Google Streetview view of the luxurious depot is well out of date livery-wise so fbb has posted a bus in the attractive livery now worn.

But obviously the company is not renowned for customer service at Pocklington's NON bus station.

Tomorrow, something VERY different.

Puzzle Picture
What is it? Clue, fbb has mended it ...
... with some modellers' polystyrene cement.

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  1. Pocklington Bus Station - It hasn't changed much in the last 50 years. Pre 1986 the trunk 45/46 came from Leeds to Bridlington and Hull which was over 3 hours. Pocklington was the comfort stop. There are toilets opposite today, but were in the corner of the depot building and the shop on the corner was a cafe. The next shop was once the East Yorkshire office connected at the back to the depot, which handled parcels as well as info, season tickets etc. The timetables used to be on the cafe side wall and stocked by the local travel agent after the shop shut - today?

    The road used not to go through the station yard and so the yard was almost exclusively for bus use and so much more a bus station with buses parked up randomly and the shelter was the only stop for any direction.

  2. The 197 and 199 are on the timetable panel. Also didn't the Head of Commercial say this was work in progress?

  3. !remmaps ffo goB