Monday 1 May 2023

Exciting Eole Extension Examination (1)

 The Logo Returns

fbb thinks it used to stand for Est Ouest Ligne Express and was the initial brand for Paris R E R line E, the fifth such to be created. The name was dropped once the line opened in 1999 and it became simply RER E. But the "L" now seems to mean "Liaison", "link".

That is because the "Ouest" (Western) section is, at last, very much under construction.

The original "Est" (Eastern) lines were formerly suburban S N C F lines from Chelles Gournay ...
... and Villiers sur Marne, later extended back to Tournai ...
... running into Gare de l'Est "Main Line" station. The E line now plunges into tunnel on the approaches to Gare de l'Est ...
... to serve a new underground station called Magenta alongside Gare du Nord.

Central Paris stations on the rest of the RER are generally quite claustrophobic with low ceilings and huge pillars as here at Chatelet for RER A, B and D ...
... compared with E at Magenta.
Interchanges in central Paris are hugely complex as below, also at Magenta (etc.).
The thin lines are the Metro and the thicker lines are RER and SNCF suburban, which are also lettered in the same series as A,B,C,D and E RER.

One thing that helps enormously is the excellent signage on all rail lines (and that includes the trams and non-rail buses) in the city. Here is one for the RER at Gare du Nord ...
... and another one which includes the Metro.
Everything uses the same font, the same layout, the correct line colours and simple text. Note that H and K are suburban S N C F lines.

A new station called Rosa Parks opened on the approaches to Magenta ...
... seen tucked in behind the blocks of flats.
Wikipedia tells the tale.
The former station on the Inner Circle (Petit Ceinture) is shown below ...
... and the new line 3b tram stop is not too far from the northern Rosa Parks entrance.
Note the foot tunnel entrance beyond the front of the tram.
Of course, as this is Paris, tram 3b was diverted off the straight-on road and "round the back" to serve the new tram stop and station. 

After Magenta, Eole then zooms uninterrupted to its present terminus at Haussmann St Lazare ...
... and another huge station. Not only is the RER station huge, but the opportunities for interchange are equally huge.
For the record these lines are accessible via the network of tunnels - at SEVEN differently named stations.

Main Line trains
Suburban J
Suburban L
Metro 3
Metro 7
Metro 8
Metro 9
Metro 12
Metro 13
Metro 14

That's some interchange! And then there are the buses!
fbb has been there and it works! Way out right for buses and down the escalator for RER and Metro - then follow the signs through the maze!

Tomorrow, we set off to the west.

 Next Exciting Eole Extension blog : Tuesday 2nd May 

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