Sunday 7 May 2023

Sunday Variety

Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen

Thus sang David Daniel Kaminsky, better known as Danny Kaye. 

The City has  an extensive Metro ...

... with new lines and extensions planned. It dates from as recently as 2002!
It also has a substantial network of suburban full-sized train lines (S-bahn).
The government of Denmark has recently announced a big stock replacement plan ...
... to include making the whole caboodle driver-less!

How are London's rail transport improvement plans going?

Fewer Stands, Less Room, Less Shelter?
Guess what?
The new Ryde (Isle of Wight) bus station opens on Tuesday. It has just four stands for eight routes ...
... two of which are summer only. One of the stands (D) is, effectively a roadside layby.
Here are a couple of shots from Alan; first looking towards to old sheltered area, cordoned off pending demolition.
Note the minimalist shelters, far too small, especially in the busy summer months. The other picture shows the new escape route direct to George Street and the town centre.
For years buses have had to take a necessitous run along the Esplanade for a U-turn and back. The new layout should save a few dribbles of diesel and a few minutes of running time.

Remembering Being 17
Not yet another reminiscence of fbb's long lost youth, but ...
... a past life for Stagecoach X17, soon to be increased to half hourly between Chesterfield and Matlock, continuing hourly to Wirksworth.

Correspondent Julien kindly sent a timetable poster from 1950.
... which shows the route extending from Matlock along the A6 to Matlock Bath - not a huge journey but on Saturdays it was half hourly all the way; such was the lure of Chesterfield Market!
The Fish Pond Hotel always was a popular stop ...
... and it looks a bit posher now, but structurally it is much the same.
Opposite the pub was the Grand Pavilion and .,. tada ...
... the eponymous pond. The pavilion is now a less grand lead mining museum and an "events venue" but the pond is now a fish ditch!
On Sundays to Fridays the service was half hourly to Kelstedge and hourly on to Matlock and Matlock Bath.
fbb is not able to speculate on the frequency in National Bus days ...
... but the extension to Matlock Bath had long gone, obliterated by the widening of the A6 and the demolition of substantial amounts of riverside property. A single decker in red bus days shows a short working to Kelstedge, however.
fbb would not expect the forthcoming half hourly service to last once the BSIP grant bag of shiny shillings is empty!

But, of course, back in 1950, bus companies published timetables including those in poster form to fill the timetable frames at key stops.

A New Word For fbb's Extensive Vocabulary?
A recent on-line article, introducing your blogging old bloke to the word, reported on Drax Power Station, fed by environmentally (un)friendly "biomass" (a k a crushed trees from America).

The concept is that proponents of the "Saving The Planet" philosophy cover their projects with a fake wash of "green" whilst the operation in question is hugely detrimental to the environment. As with Drax.

fbb wonders how "green" these trains in Australia might be when battery build and disposal costs are added to the calculations.

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  1. The Danes won't thank you for referring to the S-Bane by a German term...

  2. I've three relevant timetables which include the Chesterfield - Matlock 17, all of which show it terminating at Matlock. It was hourly all day everyday in 1972. In 1978, this still applied except on winter Sundays, when there were only 4 journeys. After deregulation in 1989, the service remained hourly, except evenings and Sundays, which had been put out to tender and were operated, every two hours, by Chesterfield Transport.

    I don't think that the timetable has changed much since 1989, though both East Midland and Chesterfield Transport have been part of Stagecoach for most of that time. Incidentally, nor have the actual times changed, they've always been around xx.20 from Chesterfield.