Sunday 14 May 2023

Sunday Variety

Hidden And Forgotten

The consequences of Peckham Rye station's being hidden "round the back" are obvious even today. It is not an attractive approach for any passenger wishing, foolishly, to use the train. Here is the entrance from the south ...
... and the entrance from the north ...
... and looking back along the shopping arcade facing east!
And the next two pictures show the imposing and welcoming entrance to the station a few years back.
Yep! Not welcoming.
And this is not only the main entrance, it is also the ONLY entrance!

Thankfully that plastic sheeting seen yesterday ...
... tells us hat something is being done - more correctly, has been done as per this photo.

Clean And Remembered
This is that entrance today, clean and cleared of clutter. On the right, for example is "The Coal Rooms", but lacking any coal!!

Blue Shell Mussels, Wild Three Corner Leeks, Scrumpy Cider and Clotted Cream Broth 

Char Roasted Cauliflower, Za’atar, Green Sriracha, White Miso and Amalfi Lemon Dressing 

Tamworth Pork Chop, Ajo Blanco, Sable Grapes, Black Pudding Croquette 24 Red Mullet, Brown Crab, Curry Leaf and Wild Garlic Brown Butter

UK-EX Dairy Sirloin, Red Wine Jus 
(for two to share) 

fbb doesn't know what this is ...
... but it is a bit pricey for even a station refreshment room! The puds ditto!
In fact fbb doesn't really have much idea what any of the menu.might be but he dreams of ticking in to Za'atar and green Sriracha when he next visits Peckham Rye. (although fbb prefers his Sriracha to be purple, of course)

Maybe if you are spending that much on one course, the fact the the approaches are not entirely salubrious is of no real importance. Once inside you can indulge.

Most notably for the indulgent, Ian (of the eponymous "Visits" blog) recommends the caff's toilets.
Trees an' all

The refurbishment of the exterior of the building extends to the very top. There are new tuiles and leading ...
... (that's' leading as in the metal, not leading as in preceding) and gilded twiddly bits right at the top.
And here is a close-up of one of the even twiddlier twiddly bits!

But it is all very well having a refurbished building (and about time too) but it won't do much for passenger's sense of well-being and security if this fresh clean look is still "round thr back by the bins".

But there are more cunning plans t come!

It Worked!
Having sorted out the break in the track soon to b hidden deep in Peterville Tunnel, fbb moved on to working out why trains came to a shuddering stop on the soon to be hidden point!

It's muck in yer blade, mate.

Dedicated railway modellers have devised complicated and expensive wiring techniques to ensure that they do not use point blade and stock rail contact to carry "the electric" through the point.
The "blade" is the moving bit which either sends the wheels straight on or, if "switched" send them, (for example as above) round to the right. For bodging modellers like fbb, the blade carries the current to which ever route is chosen. Because of general grunge, fbb's tunnel point was not sending go-juice to the straight-on route. Hence the trains came to that unhelpful shuddering stop.

A quick spray with some special "contact cleaner" version of WD40 nd a scrape from an electrical screwdriver blade got things going - well at the second attempt; thus his guests, the Fearnley children were  overjoyed to behold moving trains! Not only did they behold, but they drove some of fbb's precious rolling stock and ...

Tada! ...

... nothing fell off!

One such was a seven vehicle rake of Hornby four wheel coaches.
Note GNR teak, GWR chocolate and cream, Caledonian  blue plus Annie and Clarabel usually hauled by Thomas the Tank Engine. And all seven reversed without derailment over the complex trackwork at the throat of Peterville station.


The kiddiewinkies were also excited to help fbb re-instal the scenery on top of the tunnel after the chaos of the track troubles, and, in so doing, complete the lighting in the castle and the pub/church corner.
The station lights were also switched on.
The effort was well worth it; although it was touch-and-go whether fbb would take an axe to that frustrating track and pointwork.

Flixbus Again
The boss-man, a Mr Berry (surprise!) was, naturally, enthusiastic.
They all seem very keen. Let's hope these contractors to Flix have dome their sums correctly!"

 Next Peckham Rye and other bits blog : Monday 15th May 

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