Friday 29 March 2019

Swish Swiss Schaffhausen Safari (1)

And this time, NOT suggested by No 3 son! Indeed, this time fbb has recommended a visit TO the lad on one of his weekends-off from the bear-pit of computer activity in Basel.

We are going to Schaffhausen ...
...  which is on the river Rhein and approx 80 miles east of Basel  - by an indirect road route!
It is the capital of the Canton which bears its name and sits at the base of a bulge in Switzerland that is (a) discontinuous and (b) almost totally surrounded by Germany.
As with all these border communities, its history is complex, difficult to unravel and beset by weird politics and several outbreaks of vicious bloodshed.

The town has a bus service, of which more later, and a busy and well-maintained railway station ...
... with, naturally, all the buses stopping outside.
Impressive as always.
Actually the buses used to stop on-street, literally outside, but have recently moved to a purpose built bus station a few yards down the road.

But we are off to what is, in effect, a suburb of Scaffhausen, but don't say that to the residents who regard their locality as a totally separate community.

We are going to Neuhausen am Rheinfall, which, being interpreted, is the New Houses on the Rhein Falls. We will look at the Falls tomorrow. But for now we need to decide which station in Neuhausen we might want.

The THREE stations are:-

Neuhausen am Rheinfall
Neuhausen Bad Bahnhof
Neuhausen Rheinfall

And you are right to notice that TWO have very similar names.

You would probably say that Neuhausen am Rheinfall is the main station, although it is only served by local trains from Schaffhausen.
It only has one bus service, route 6, with an unimpressive stop, but just across the road from the station exit.
The station does have an "Avec" ...
... one of a chain of station food shops.

Next we have the "Bad" station. Regular readers with retentive memories will remember Basel's Bad Bahnhof (Bad for Badisher, reference to the Baden region of  Germany). Like the Basel stop, Neuhausen's version is on a line run by Deutcshe Bahn (DB) ...
... which ultimately does arrive at the Basel DB station. It is little more than a suburban unstaffed "bus stop" station but with a bit more class than similar facilities in the UK. It has a half hourly service of "stoppers" ...
... which offer a leisurely ride on a "turbo" branded train ...
... and a connection to Basel at Erzingen. It used to be very much a seedy branch line ...
... although some of the traditional station buildings still stand but are no longer in railway use.
Yonks ago it used to look like this ...
... with a splendid timber "porte cochère".

Below we see the station in the midst of its rebuild ...
... which was provoked by the replacement of a traffic-delaying level crossing with a whizzo underpass.
This involved the temporary truncation of trolleybus route 1 ...
... which has well-placed stops for interchange.
You can just spot the station canopy beyond the big tree.

But it is the third Neuhausen station to which we will be travelling in a "virtual" way. Or we could catch bus number 6 to Industrieplatz.
Our ultimate aim is to have a butchers at the Falls themselves.

 Next Waterfall blog : Saturday 30th March 

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