Thursday 27 May 2010

90 minutes in Bradford!

A colleague and I had the pleasure of sampling the new Grand Central train service from Kings Cross to Bradford.   It was only the fourth day of operating the service and we expected a few teething troubles.   There were none!
The Adelante train was exceptionally comfortable, in both first and second class; indeed far more confortable than Virgin's Voyager or Pendolino trains.    The buffet was well stocked with a superb range of sandwiches made in Bradford and our hot rolls we well stuffed with very tasty bacon.   We left "The Cross" at 1050 and arrived on time at Bradford Interchange.   Our return journey was ten minutes early back in London after a superb uninterrupted non-stop run from Doncaster.
We travelled first class (as a treat - the trains were, understandably, lightly loaded.  There were plenty of seats!) and were plied four times on each journey with a choice of complimentary hot or cold drinks.  We were also offered the Independent and the Daily Telegraph, but not 't Yorkshire Post!  The staff were polite but not superciliously deferential, and it was really good to hear Bradford accents looking after West Riding travellers.  "It were grand"!
Bradford itself, I guess, would not come top in any Tourist Guide, but we found a superb Fish and Chip cafe - two lunches for £7.80 - served quickly and efficiently.   "just sit thesen down, love, I'll fetch y' y' dinner".   Almost worth going for the ethnic delight of the meal!   Maybe we would have enjoyed the City more had we been able to stay for more than 90 minutes!
In the same way that Jeremy Clarkson might complain about the design of a gear lever, I do have one complaint; perhaps more of a disappointment....
Cardboard cups and plastic teaspoons in FIRST CLASS!  Shame on you, Grand Central!

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