Saturday, 22 May 2010

Beer is Best

Favourite bus rides?

We can't manage anything quite like Mergoscia (read again) but there are some very special bus rides in Britain.   A favourite starts in Sidmouth (Devon) and is run by Axe Valley Mini Travel [service 899], a small independent company based along the south Devon coast at Seaton.   The ride starts innocuously enough along the main road from Sidmouth Triangle to Sidford; then, at the Donkey Sanctuary the route turns along typically narrow Devon Lanes to Branscombe.
Branscombe is a  very picturesque little village with a delightful secluded bay about 10 mins walk from the bus stop.
Beer (home to Pecorama Pleasure Gardens and Beer Quarry Caves) is a former fishing village, best described as "quaint". The whole ride is "hairy" as the roads are barely wide enough for the bus, let alone any passing vehicle.   There is plenty of tricky manoeuvering and reversing - all accomplished with consummate skill by the ever patient drivers.  And the Devon countryside, with deep valleys, rich colours of vegetation and magnificent coastal views is magnificent at any time of the year.

Ride it yourself - and enjoy!

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  1. I think the 899 is a fantastic bus ride. Especially during the summer.