Thursday, 13 May 2010

Exit X54; maybe, or not - who knows?

It was, apparently successful. A new express service from Harrogate to York (a route which had never been successful in the past) was started; boosted by the OAP free travel scheme which, of course, is not valid on the parallel train service. Rumours suggest that it was NEARLY successful; but the service was then cut back with the gaps filled by Harrogate Coach Travel.

Then in December 2009, Nigel Egginton (Transdev Harrogate and District) announced that, because of poor OAP funding formulae, the service could never be viable. (What, never? - No, never!  What never? - well, hardly ever? - thanks Captain Corcoran of H M S Pinafore) The H&D X54 was withdrawn.
But Harrogate Coach Travel journeys continued, "subject to a review in early 2010".

So, will I be able to use the X54 in June? According to Transport Defunct it will still be running; according to Traveline's journey planner likewise. Ominously "there is a problem" with displaying a timetable on Traveline. According to a number of other websites, however, it is till there.
But it does not appear on Harrogate Coach Travel's website, nor is it available on xephos. An email to the operator has, so far, elicited no response.

So, YET AGAIN, in the wondrous world of superb public transport information, I SIMPLY CAN'T FIND OUT! Hey ho! Better take the car ..

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