Saturday, 15 February 2020

Weekend Mixture (1)

And A Tease From Martijn Gilbert
Martijn is the boss of GoAhead North East (formerly ditto at Reading) ...
... and looking frighteningly young (like policemen!).

He twits this picture ...
... and explains it.
Acronym dictionary:-
PSVAR - Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations
GNE      - GoAhead North East
EY         - East Yorkshire, owned by GoAhead

Another Twitterer reveals all.
Very Smart!

OK Motor Services was a bus company operating in County Durham from 1912 until the 1990s when purchased by the Go-Ahead Group. Following rationalisation and rebranding, the OK livery disappeared from the roads as services were integrated with Go North East.

And A Through Fare From Phil
When you buy the airline flyer ticket, your local bus journey is FREE! This means that one ticket covers your entire journey from your nearest convenient Oxford Bus Company or Thames Travel bus stop, all the way through to the airline bus stop and on to Heathrow or Gatwick Airports. 

The airline flyer ticket applies to single, day/next day return or period return tickets.
As with almost all airport services fares are far from cheap ...
... so the "Flyer" bonus will be of some interest to Oxford residents.

Neat idea.

Troubled Trent Termination?
It is not long ago that this blog reported that Trent had withdrawn from its share of the Nottingham - Mansfield - Chesterfield "Pronto" service, its journeys being taken over by fellow opertaor Stagecoach.

Now comes advance warning of another withdrawal.
Rapid one was added over the top of one of the original "Rainbow" routes from Nottingham to Ripley or Alfreton.
The report says that RapidOne was introduced in 2011, which begs a question.

Has it really taken nine years for management to realise that the express journeys are not financially viable?


Water Water Everywhere
The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway has a delightful station at Haworth ...
... whence there is a mega steep road up to the village. On the far side of the tracks and amongst the greenery ...
... is Bridgehouses Beck. Just south of the platforms, and in the old goods yard, is the Railway's big shiny loco shed.
It is very swish.
Thus it was that a combination of Storm Ciara and the bursting beck flooded the depot. The pretty site was not a pretty sight.
And so the clear-up begins.

Snow, Snow, Thick Thick Snow
But not too thick just yet. Another lovely picture of the Wesy Highland Line taken by a railwayman.
fbb hopes that is the "nose" of a class 37 diesel (or similar) and not the roof of a class 158 multiple unit!

A Praterstern Puzzle.
Where is it?
No 3 son now has a permanent job in Eastbourne rather than being self employed and jetting off to Europe every fortnight. His first duties were as part of a trade exhibition which involved jetting off to Europe, but this time only for four days.

Needless to say, he sent fbb a bus picture with the usual challenge to identify the location.

More tomorrow.

Yesterday was No 1 son's 45th Birthday. fbb is feeling even older.

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  1. Not that innovative from Oxford Bus Co : Stagecoach has offered a similar "Tube Connector" fare for many years.

  2. Praterstern is in Vienna - Wien in German, hence the W on the registration plate.

    RC 169

  3. Have you noticed that every TV programme about Vienna - whether a travel show, a music programme about Mozart or something about the Austro-Hungarian Empire - always feels the need to include some clips of passing trams? They seem to have become as iconic as the little yellow "electricos" of Lisbon. Perhaps the City Council won't let you make a programme in Vienna without including trams at some point?