Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Quiz Answers : Quiz Questions

In a moment, fbb will reveal the answers to yesterday's quiz.

But first, today's EXTRA quiz.

Each of these pictures offers a clue to the forthcoming policy of one of the UK's unitary authorities.

Solve the puzzles and fbb will reveal all after the answers


Now The Answers From Yesterday
Round 1
A. Fell diesel loco No 10100
B. Gas turbine loco GT3
C. Hush-hush steam loco 10000
D. Southern Railway Leader class steam loco
E. BR class 89 electric loco

Round 2
A. X1 - Chesterfield to Nottingham
B. South West Falcon - Plymouth to Bristol
C. X50 - High Wycombe - Heathrow
D. Railair - Guildford to Heathrow
E. X5 - Cambridge - Oxford (running part route only)

Round 3
A. Grant Palmer, bus operator in Bedfordshire
B. Oliver Bullied, Southern Railway chief engineer and designer
C. Magnus Volk, electric vehicle pioneer, Brighton
D. Kathy Millat, Channel 5 model railway challenge judge
E. Roye England, founder of Pendon model museum

Round 4
A. Harrogate
B. Salisbury
C. Milton Keynes
D. York
E. Glasgow

Round 5
A. Waterloo - London; former lift for Waterloo & City line
B. Waterloo - tunnel in Liverpool
C. Waterloo - Tramways Vicinaux, Belgium
D. Waterloo - hotel, Blackpool; crown green bowls
E. Waterloo - London; crane for Waterloo & City liner

And Today's Answers
  1. Crackers
  2. Potty
  3. Nuts
  4. Loopy
  5. Silly
  6. Daft
  7. Crackpot
  8. Illogical
  9. Stupid
10. Weird
11. Bonkers
12. Ill advised!

Let's keep it simple?

Cornwall council have proudly announced their new county-wide network given the populace a "fully integrated much-improved bus service" ...

That simply isn't. First runs the "commercial" network whilst GoAhead run all the tendered services. In some cases these tendered journeys fill gaps in First's timetable, but being integrated (?) they do not appear on First's timetable and the tendered buses charge different fares and neither accepts the other's tickets.

The new network also brings back buses to routes that have not run for many years due to lack of demand.

Cornwall has been awarded a very large bag of money by HMG to operate a four year reduced fare trial.

This starts on June 1st but operators have only just (Friday last) been told. They have until the end of business TODAY to respond, then three working days to implement the necessary paperwork and procedures.

The scheme starts with three months of free bus travel throughout Cornwall ...

... the aim being to encourage bus use and rebuild services!


Yer what?

Unless the Cornwall people have been on a holiday to the planet Zog for the past nine weeks, you would have thought that they might have heard of  Government Policy. The idea is to increase frequencies but maintain social distancing on buses (and trains) and to DISCOURAGE bus use to keep the few seats free for essential users.

How does free travel fit into that?

Chum Roger French has a full blog on the topic which you can find (here).

You should read it!

Bank Holiday Engineering Work
Substantial progress, yesterday, in creating small back yards for the low relief terrace rears at Peterville.
More PVA (No More Nails) and more strips of pan scrub. Garden appurtenances are on order (greenhouse, cold frame, shed, lawnmower etc.).
The mower and roller will be out to use in the churchyard!

 Next Metrobus blog : Wednesday 27th May 

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