Tuesday 21 February 2017

The Fate Of The Late 28 (P.S.)

Shock Text From Groby!
David is fbb's good friend, acts as an unpaid Leicester area correspondent for this blog and lives at Groby, literally a wheelnut's throw from the bus stops used by former services 26, 28, 29A and 29X.

On Saturday (18th January) these were changed. The 28 was withdrawn, the 26 slightly diverted to compensate and the 29X replaced, leaving 26, 29 and 29A running between Groby and Leicester.

Printed publicity for the change was excellent with leaflets delivered door-to-door and available in several shops in the village. David collected one from the greengrocers!
Additionally, if you could excavate down to the hidden depths of the Arriva web site, you could download a full Coalville area timetable ...
... containing an excellent map.
So, publicity-wise, it's looking good for Arriva (First in Sheffield and Stagecoach Yorkshire please note!).

Don't worry, it won't last!

On Sunday came this, more ominous, text from David.
The message continues:-
The previous timetable provided five buses an hour from Groby, Mondays to Saturdays. The new schedule reduces this to four (26 and three 29s) but only on Mondays to Fridays. On Saturdays the "short working" between Leicester and Coalville does not run, leaving just two 29s through Groby every hour plus the hourly 26

So from five buses an hour on Saturdays, Groby (village centre) now only has three. Kathryn's experience suggests this might be a trim too far!

But David's text continues, accompanied by a couple of photos. Here is the stop labelled Pymm Ley Lane, a k a Groby Post Office, for journeys towards Leicester.
The actual stop is cunningly hidden in the trees where the "yellow top" passenger is waiting.

Here are the times for Sunday, posted at the stop.
And here are the times, similarly listed for comparison purposes, on the new Groby leaflet.
Contrast and compare!! Who knows which is right? Beyond belief!

And at the "from Leicester" stop? Again here are the times in the frame ...
... and, again, the times on the leaflet.
As chum David writes, "How can this possibly happen? How, indeed.

Here is his final paragraph:-
More news as it happens, or doesn't happen, or happens at the wrong times!

It gets worse - but maybe NOT Arriva's fault?
To follow this juicy bit of omnibological incompetence we need a map of the centre of Groby with bus stops added.
Travelling towards Leicester the obviously "central" stop for the village is labelled "Stamford Arms" ...
... but for those going to the city, it is better known as "The Co-op". Above is the shelter and the windowless wall of the aforementioned Co-op. Stamford Arms is opposite.

But this is not the most appropriate stop to use. Blame the Groby by-pass for that! Whilst 29s to Coalville and Burton pass through the village quite normally, buses to Leicester have to wiggle off the by pass ...
... turn left on to Leicester Road (bottom left) and stop opposite the post office as pictured above. So, at the Co-op you now get one 26 an hour but at the Post Office stop you get the 29s as well.

Recently the County Council has installed a shiny new (un)real time display for the much confused residents of Groby. Of course, common sense would install it at the busiest stop.

What a really silly idea! No it is outside the Co-op where it used to show the 26 and 28 each toddling by once every hour. The 29s, skulking off the bypass and appearing, as if by unannounced magic at the Post Office stop, don't get a mention.

Memo to all concerned : The display should be at the Post Office.

Here is the screen and David's comment before the changes.
But it gets worse! This is the same sign yesterday.
It shows a 26 at 1427 and 1527 and, sandwiched between them, a 28 at 1457.

In case you, like Leicester County, had forgotten, the 26 times are now 42 minutes past the hour and the 28 was withdrawn after service on the previous Friday.

Useless in every way.

But This Is Arriva's Fault
Stop display, Leicester Road, Groby:-
VIA St Margaret's Bus Station?
It should be Pymm Ley Lane - no "s"!

Next we look at the new technology that will revolutionise public transport.

Yep, another revolution is on its way.

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