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Maps in Apps, a Lapse Perhaps - a P.S.

The Conundrum of Cranbrook
A comment writer appending his thoughts to a recent GoTimetable blog expressed his concerns:-
GoTimetable Seaton does not Go into detail for the 4 at Cranbrook, Exeter's "new town"; the service is included to provide basic information on possible "useful" connections from Axminster. But we should be able to discern the change from the maps on the Traveline Soiuth West site.

We should ... ??

Traveline offers two sorts of maps from its timetables index ...
... via click buttons to the right of each timetable link.
The PDF maps do not help as the detail in Cranbrook (why the huge font size?) is obscured by the name.
The files labelled  Map  are more revealing, but ultimately useless. Here is then old route "outward" from Exeter ...
... and in the opposite direction.
Yes, you are right; these maps show no service beyond Cranbrook! It is some time since fbb visited the town, but the buses didn't go that way when he did!

The revised service (from Monday) looks like this outward bound ...
... which is obviously wrong. Inbound ...
... is just the same as the old route and just as wrong. In fact the routes shown above are all impossible as they involve no through road sections or no road at all!

So we are no nearer. Perhaps fbb should add a detailed map of Cranbrook's bus routes to the GoTimetable service 4 dagnram?

But into fbb's inbox at noon yesterday came the Stagecoach staff newsletter. An article reveals the true correct route of service 4 etc. in Cranbrook.
There are three roundabout along the road from Exeter that gave access to Cranbrook. Hitherto, buses turned off at No 1 and returned after wiggling a bit at No 2. Now they use the new Tillhouse Road and re-appear at roundabout No 3. But Traveline is still utterly wrong!

And now ...

The Mystery of Millwey Rise.
“The camp” at Axminster (see above, top right|) got its name from the United States Army base in the Second World War on the outskirts of town which housed the 315th Station Hospital prior to and after the D-Day landings before becoming one of East Devon’s biggest council estates.

In fact, the lay-out of roads at Millwey were put in for the rows of Nissen huts and then kept for the houses but not before the homeless of Axminster exercised their squatting rights, such was the shortage of homes in the aftermath of war.

With the end of the war now 70 years past, there are few in Axminster who can recall those dark days when a battalion of US soldiers – over 1,000 men - descended on the town in the build-up to invasion of Europe.

Many never returned to their home land, meeting their maker on the beaches of northern France; others, just a few, met and married Axminster girls and took them home to meet “mom” on the other side of the Atlantic.

Axe Valley, Buses of Somerset and Stagecoach all serve Millwey Rise. Here is our friend the service 4 timetable. Whether it is today's or Sunday's version remains a mystery.
But the buses do continue through the town to Millwey Rise. Traveline doesn't seem to have grasped this. The timetable shows the service as terminating at Axminster Station ...
... and the map takes the confused passenger round the corner to the stop at the end of Woodbury Park ...
... this one.
It is a right mess, isn't it?

Happily, the Stagecoach info for the revised 4 (etc.) does confirm that it still runs to Millwey Rise ...
... despite that detail being absent from Traveline's maps. Traveline's journey planner is equally potty/bad/useless!
And how many millions are our readers and fbb paying for Traveline?

Answer far too many!
correct Go Timetable arrival time : 1449

The GoTimetable app for Seaton will be available   FREE  at the Google Play Store from Monday 11th April.

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