Monday, 11 January 2016

Park with Pride at Pride Park (2)

Ride with Pride to Derby Travelodge
In our last Derby episode (read again here) we saw that there was once a dedicated Park and Ride service 111 ...
... replaced in May last year by the D2 and D3.
To all intents and purposes, the Park from which you ride is the vast area surrounding the iPRO stadium. And the D2/D3 maintained a 15 minutes service but D3s were extended to Boulton Lane and Alvaston. But a challenge had been thrown out to fbb.
It is some time since fbb visited Derby and therefore he had to resort to Traveline.
But watch your step. "Derby Station" doesn't float traveline's boat and neither does "Travelodge" per se, so odd answers will appear if you don't read carefully. Even fbb was foolhardy at his first attempt.
Eventually you can find the right names.
The results look OK at first.
fbb asked for a link at 1500 and the Park and Ride service shown above would be ideal. But hold on. Let's check the map.
fbb would need to cross from the main exit at the station, over the shiny new(ish) footbridge and leave by the new eastern exit. But what about the barriers?
fbb might have already surrendered his ticket so how does he cross back.

Good news!

A free bridge pass has been introduced by East Midlands Trains and Derby City Council for those who require access across the bridge to Pride Park, for example students at the new Derby Roundhouse.

Bad news!

Therefore, in agreement with Derby City Council, we’ve set up a bridge pass scheme where anybody needing access through to Pride Park can apply for a free of charge pass which allows access through the station. 

A bit late to tell you that when you are waiting to cross to the Eastern Sector via Checkpoint Charlie.
The 21st century railway is such a friendly place.

Lets hope folk remember which side to exit.
Once he has escaped eastwards, fbb might find a bus stop,
But no normal bus services stop there.
There is an inter-site service for Rolls Royce ...
... but not available to fbb and it doesn't go to the Travelodge. He needs to go to the stops on Pride Parkway.
But what if his trains is late? When is the next journey? Just a minute later.
A school bus? Not so keen on that, especially if the school is having an in-service training day. Travelling with a threatening hoarde of screaming kids baying for death after a typical maths lesson in not fbb's idea of public transport heaven!"

Wait for the next one?
At 0215 tomorrow morning.

The only answer appears to use the Traveline last resort option.
The implication of fbb's Traveline enquiry for today is that the last Park and Ride bus is at 1512.

Which seems unlikely. More tomorrow.

 Next pride ride blog : Tuesday 12th January 


  1. On the BBC and another transport news website there is a report of a consultation issued by Dorset County Council. This is about reducing spending on bus services by £500k p.a. by withdrawing services that only operate 'one day a week' to concentrate on services to school or work. Encouraging use and growth of community transport is seen as the answer!

    The consultation document includes a list of affected services and map.

  2. A few points to be going on with, more when we get to the final episode.

    Why are you staying at a hotel located to attract motorists off the A52 rather than in the city centre or at one of the hotels near the front of the station?

    As a fan of printed material, why aren't you using your Derbyshire timetable book? Or, more realistically, using the online equivalent, ?

    Re today's episode:
    There are signs on the footbridge pointing to "Main Entrance" and "Pride Park Entrance". And why not ask the, usually helpful, barrier attendant if you are going in the right direction before surrendering your ticket.

    Given that neither bus stop is near where you want to be, it probably is quicker to walk. Traveline's "correct" answer has a total of 12 mins walking as against a total of 19 mins.

  3. Your suggestions may well be covered tomorrow. we are continually exhorted to go on-line. Such a process is often convoluted and difficult. We may hope for better from printed material?

  4. Generally, Travelodges away from the city centre are cheaper. QED

  5. A railway station having more than one entrance isn't exactly a new concept though, is it?