Friday 5 July 2024

From Mini Metro To Grand Express

The Multi Purpose Metro

One of the aims of M14 (PURPLE) was to offer some relief for the very busy RER Line A (RED) between Gare de Lyon and Chatelet Les Halles, a mega and very scary interchange. Although the map oys diagrammatic it is clear that its non-stop run between the two is exceptional when compared with the "traditional" close stops of Paris' version of the underground.

Another aim was to serve the development area centred on the Biblioljeque Fr Mitterand and Olympiades.

Originally designated Z A C de Tolbiac (development zone) this area has grown in importance.
The northern extension was, in part, designed to offer relief to the busy M13 (PALE BLUE) ...
Indeed, at one stage, the idea was for M14 to take iver one of the two branches of M13, But, as it happened, bigger schemes changed M14's aspirations.

But before the Biggie, (and at last) came the extension to Orly Airport. For ages this important destination was badly served by public transport. The choice was OrlyBus from Denfert Rochereau ...
...which required an RER B (MID BLUE) or Metro connection from central Paris.
It only takes 30 minutes AFTER you have found your way to the bus  terminus!
Then there is the delightfully quirky OrlyVal (LIGHT BROWN) automatic shuttle train ...
... which also connects with RER B st Antony ...
... offering an equally convolutes ride from centralParis.

The next offering was tram T7 (BROWN).
... which is slow and connects with a slow M7 (PINK).
So, clearly the M14 will be quicker overall and much mor convenient.

But those bigger asporations appeat at Orly as they do with the recently opened one stop northern extension. 

M14 now necomes part of the  Grand Paris Express network, parts of which are under under construction and other parts are awaiting the financial and planning go-ahesd.
The southern section of M5 is nearing completion.
(click on the above map for an enlargement)

A decade after declaring this line essential for the public, and following eight years of getting ready and two years after finishing work on this part, a metro has finally run on two kilometres of Metro Line 15 South. This is a big step forward for the Grand Paris Express, one of the largest civil engineering projects in Europe.

The current Calendar for M15 is as follows.

2024-2025 : mise en service de Pont de Sèvres à Nanterre ;
Courant 2025 : lancement des travaux de la partie de Nanterre à Saint-Denis Pleyel via La Défense de la section nord ;
Horizon 2025 : mise en service de la partie de Saint-Denis Pleyel à Rosny-Bois-Perrier ;
Horizon 2027 : mise en service de la partie de Nanterre à Saint-Denis Pleyel via La Défense de la section nord ;
Horizon 2030 : mise en service de la partie de Rosny-Bois-Perrier à Champigny Centre de la section nord.

Metro 14 interacts with 15 at  Villejuif Gustave Roussy on its way to Orly ...
... and at its new northern terminus at Saint Denis Pleyel
Eventually, the latter will also serve M16 and M17 whilst Otly will have a terminus on M8.

It is a bit like Mr Khan's Superloop network, M14 doesn't loop! fbb guesses that it joins the new "Express" network because of its faster speeds and more limted stops!

For he record, here is a geographical diagram if the full circular Metro 15 route.
(Click on the map for an enlargement) The trains have arrived and are on test runs on the southern section.
And a look inside the M15 trains - with commentary.
It's no longer Paris Metro as we knew it!
Those were the days!

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