Wednesday 22 November 2023

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The information below is easy to find on-line, but it looks very out of date in style so should be treated with "polite suspicion". It certainly is NOT part of the County's shiny new web site!

About Intalink

Established in 1999 the Intalink Partnership is a unique collaboration between local authorities and bus and train operators in Hertfordshire. By pooling our resources and our ideas, we are achieving:

Better customer information on bus and rail services in Hertfordshire.

Better awareness of journey opportunities available by using passenger transport.

Co-ordination between service providers.

An integrated bus and rail network.

Higher standards of information and service provision.

As a result of the partnership, Intalink has been able to provide the county's bus users with additional county wide products for use on the network. The Intalink explorer ticket offers users unlimited travel on the county's bus network. First introduced in 2001, it is now established as one of the county's most well known bus tickets. Intalink strive to provide both bus and rail users with a range of dynamic products and will continue to do so as we go into the next year. All Intalink products available can be found in the ticket information pages on this site. For further details you can contact the Intalink group.

These noble aims led to some really excellent publicity for public transport. A gander through the internet pages shows a wide selection of excellent printed stuff.

Area timetable books

Timetable leaflets
Area Travel Guides
PlusBus leaflets
Standard bus stop flags
Bus station information 
Railway station information
A "house" magazine 
A county wide bus map
A vast range of town maps.
Also on line we see pictures of an information bus
An information van
A minibus branded Lynx
Even an Intalink branded train!
There are various Intallnk" sub-brands" (mainly fares) on-line:-

Bus Net
Connect Herts
Saver Card

Which begs a few questions.

Obviously some of this on-line publicity stuff is out of date.

So what is available today in printed form OR ... maybe ...

It's All On Line

And if so, how easy is it to use?

Intalink is currently telling us about its new and improved web site ...

... so that may be a start.

PLEASE NOTE : This somewhat curtailed blog was necessary because of complications with an ill friend. Thankful the complications have been resolved! 

There have been some interesting developments in Hertfordshire which will follow in due course.

Whilst the "tram" proposal has gone a bit quiet ...
... the county has introduced a series of completely hew bus services in recent months. They are funded by the Government (i.e. we taxpayers) so, yet again, bus watchers wonder what happens when the money runs out.

More tomorrow.

 Next Intalink blog : Thursday 23rd November 

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  1. I have found the intalink site to not be as comprehensive as it could be about its Explorer validity. For ages it said they were valid on the TFL 292 etc, but they’re not, even though that’s in herts. Are they valid on the 420 to ongar? The map says yes (even though NOT running in herts) but the route is not in the timetable list and they won’t answer their phone or e-Mail to tell you, I’ve used one on it but the driver wasn’t at all sure! . Arriva routinely refuse explorers bought on other firms buses, because the ticketer machines understandably refuse the QR codes, though the ticket is valid of course… it’s a confusing mess, which does nothing to encourage confidence and therefore use….