Sunday 10 September 2023

Sunday Variety

Weather Warning!

As you may know, the fbbs are off on holiday tomorrow, based in Fort William. A few days ago, Mrs fbb looked up the weather forecast for that part of Bonny Scotland. It looks as if the standard West of Scotland forecast applies. If you cannot see across Loch Linnhe, it is raining ...
 ... if you can see across the loch, it will be raining soon.
But there is an appropriate caff in the town!
Hey,  we can always stay at the hotel and enjoy its appurtenances. Here is a delightful view from a younger customer.
fbb will list the trips out (one each day) in tomorrow's variety blog.

Tomorrow starts at 0545 at the Underfleet Coach park, a short totter along the road from fbb mansions.

And Talking Of Seaton Coach Park.
fbb had a celebratory hair cut on Thursday last. Mrs fbb said she would refuse to go on the holiday unless "you smarten yourself up a bit"! fbb obeyed with a short back and sides at "Slays", a relatively new establishment close to the Coach Park and close to home.
It's a bit trendy for the old bloke and ...
... he did wonder about going for the blue spikey ...
... but, in the end, settled for boring convention. Sadly the car ride was too small for fbb's bulk!
But as your noble blogger toddled thereto he espied a huge mixture of vehicles in said coach park. (click to enlarge the paste-up).
The majority were Dartline (that's GoAhead), including the two red double deckers; but the wonderfully named Crudge Coaches (sounds like something from a Carry On film) is also parked ...
... and they sell stamps as well!

Whilst fbb was hurriedly snapping the bits to make up the above portmanteau shot, along came Auntie Frances' service bus ...
... recently (second handly) acquired and awaiting its full Axe Valley branding. There is a weedy bit at the front.
The bus was previously with Metroline, London ...
... and has come via the Ensign (now First Bus) dealership.

Auntie F likes London Buses because she doesn't have to get out her brush and paint pot!

And More Seaton Excitement 
We were told that the former Co-op would re-open as Aldi before Easter (that's 2023!). It didn't. But most of the clutter in the car park has gone and black-top has come ...
... and the new store is bedecked with it's logos.
It is hard to imagine that it is the same building. Well, in a way it isn't; only the steel frame was left untouched and a few bits of wall and roof.

It opens on Thursday 21st inst. fbb can hardly wait!

Dynamic Didcot Driverless with Drivers
It began trundling uselessly round the Milton Park industrial estate ...
... but, back in June, it was extended to Didcot Parkway station.
Roger French published a photo of the new timetable, now numbered 002, on his blog ...
... but no sign of any on-line times or map.

And the autonomousness cannot cope with Didcot Parkway station, so ...
... auto is off and the driver drives! Technology proves a huge success yet again.

But now we have proper buses as Mi-Link 003. (Actually just one proper bus.)
And of course it is truly wonderful ...
... ludicrously expensive to operate and hopelessly impractical.

But it is "the future"? Of course it is??
But the only on-line information announces the Mi 003 as "coming" ...
... but only with a map of he original "in-estate" shuttle.

Operation is in the hands of First Bus.

So maybe "part of the past"?

Bus Beautifier Beautifies Bus Stops?
Ray Stenning (a k a The Bearded Bus Beautifier from the Bush) seems to be spreading his wings in his local community.
If you walk down the road in which he is based (Starfield Road, Shepherds Bush) you will find bus stop SW.
Is this Ray's work or just his wide ranging influence? Because Streetview shows the stop beautified by a batch of sunflowers.
They look a bit tired and straggly on Streetview - but in a recent "proper" picture ...
... they are in the bloom of health and clearly well-tended.

A quick gander round other bus stops fails to find any similar florescence ...
... so maybe Ray does do a bif of clandestine planting?

Who knows?

Reminder : Being Prepared
fbb has now written SEVEN blogs, all based loosely in and around Fort William, which will miraculously appear day by day while the fbbs are enjoying their hols. IF the internet turns out to be as vibrant and reliable as the predicted rainfall, appropriate on-site blogs will be substituted - or the pre-prepared offerings modified.

First emergency blog (if necessary) : Tuesday 12th September.

 Next Variety blog : Monday 11th September