Friday 22 September 2023

Over The Sea To Skye

Ferry Heaven?

Although it would appear that you could easily fling a haggis (a dead haggis, of course, they are now a protected species) from mainland Scotland to the Isle of Skye. ...
... until 1995 the only way on or off was c/o a variety of ferries. Sailing from North to South we begin with the service between Uig and Tarbert. Tarbert is on the Island of Hewis (or is it Larris?) It is one island but has two names!
It's a two hour sail and needs a proper boat because it can get a bit "lumpy"
There is also a link to Lochmaddy on North Uist.
Travelling south along the mainland-facing coast we meet the local link across to the Island of Raasay.
It leaves from Sconser just off the main road.
Delightfully diddy!

The Skye Bridge opened in 1995 accompanied by a "pitchforks at dawn" controversy iver the cost of tolls. 

But the ferries that it replaced (from Kyle of Lochalsh to Kyleakin) were struggling to cope. It is revealing to follow the development of this route.

Fancy going over by bus in the 1930s?
Turntable ferries got bigger ...
... but more substantial roll on roll off vessels were needed to cope with the summer crowds.
The bridge was the obvious next step!
Then comes a real oddity.
The ferry from Glenelg to  Kylerhea was always privately owned. Now operating during summer months only it is your last chance to enjoy a ride on a turntable ferry.
If you are in those parts with a car, you should try it! It is weirdly old-fashioned but wonderfully quaint.

Which brings is to the route from Mallaig to Armadale, sailed by the fbbs on their recent holiday.
There's Lochs and Glens waiting to board at Mallaig.
It was this excursion that provided fbb with a further insight into the strange world of bus stop information c/o Highland Council.

More of this tomorrow.

The flu a k a very heavy cold a k a Rangoon Nadgers is still cramping your blogger's style. Yesterday was a horrid day and last night the old man was tucked up in bed by 2000.

Cough. Wheeze. Snotter, Groan.

 Next Highland Bus Stops blog : Sat 23rd September 

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  1. I remember crossing to Skye on the Kyle/Kyleakin ferry in 1964. Also a day trip to Mull when cars were still be loaded by crane! I think hoist-loading came in later the same year.