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Logology And Other Stuff (4)

Here are five more logos!




Identify these logos/brands from transport operators. Answers tomorrow.

An Island Appeal
fbb quotes the message in full, almost!
The opportunity has arisen to purchase from the last surviving vehicle of the Vectis Bus Company, Daimler CK/Dodson DL5084. This came to the Island in 1927 and was a 1919 built reconditioned running chassis (which may have carried passenger or goods bodywork when new) fitted with the body from Vectis Bus Company 1922 Vulcan DL2907 - the transfer, and lengthening, of the body being carried out by Margham of Newport.
The bus was displayed in our former museum at Newport Quay and is now stored on an Island farm and will probably remain there for the time being pending the investigation of lottery funding for a major long term restoration, which will have to be carried out by specialist outside agencies.

The bus, having been used for some years as a 'live in' immobile caravan, was due to be broken up in 1966, when purchased by John together with the late Rex Watson. Included in the purchase are all the Daimler items located and bought by John over many years - including a correct sleeve-valve** Daimler engine ...
... a set of solid tyred wheels (with axles); a similar CB Daimler dismantled chassis, and several other parts.

Please help us to finance the purchase, which will ensure the bus remains on the Island rather than being sent for auction on the mainland.

Donations, which may be Gift-aided if applicable, should be addressed to myself, Bill Ackroyd, 8 Twining Road, Ventnor, IOW, PO38 1TX any cheques being made payable to the IWB & CM.

Alternatively they can be paid directly into the museum account, sort code 30-97-21 account number 00685797, marked Daimler. My email address is if you would like more information.

We are looking to raise £9,000, and if members wished to form a group to “adopt” the bus, this would be acceptable.

If for any reason the purchase does not proceed, all monies would be returned. This appeal is in a similar vein to the Ryde appeal of four years ago, and look how successful that was!

A photo of a similar vehicle on the route via Blackgang Chine to Newport gives some idea of what this very old girl looked like.
**And "sleeve valve"?

Apparently the valves in your car are technically "poppet valves".
In a sleeve valve system a "sleeve" (the clue is in the name) slides in the cylinder and this opens and closes holes in the cylinder wall (ports) to allow fuel in and waste gases out.

Christmas 1987
A reminder to fbb (who had forgotten) that in 1987, Christmas Day services ran in Sheffield. They were tendered by the City and operated by SUT, one of the many deregulated companies that clogged the streets in the early post 1986 days.
These three, with an RE going to Totley Brook, are lined up outside Sheffield Cathedral in a spot now taken by the tram stop.
In 1987, the buses followed the night bus routeings many of which were combinations of two (or more) daytime services. Nowadays both the night bus network and Christmas Day buses are just a fond memory.

Thanks to Roy for the picture.

Borders Buses Becomes Bigger
West Coast Motors bough Perrymans Buses then the remains of First Scotland East to become the dominant operator in the south eastern areas of  Mrs fbb's home nation. The operation was branded Borders Buses.

Initially the company agreed to operate to First Bus's timetable but reserved the right to "review" services later. Surprisingly, perhaps, there have been no major cut-backs, yet again begging the question, "Why couldn't First make a go of it"?

Borders X62 is still every half an hour!
First Bus claimed to have lost 40% of its business on this route as a result of the re-opening of the Borders railway line from Edinburgh to Tweedbank.
Borders has now consolidated its hold on the region by taking over the routes operated by BARC Coach Hire.
BARC operated (on tender) local services in the Border towns, most of which were once the prerogative of First Bus or its predecessors.

Yesterday's Logology - The Answers
1. Highland Omnibuses
2. Inverness Traction (Stagecoach competitive onslaught)
3. Sealink (flag)
4. Northern Rail
5. Capital Citybus (London)
    Post-Advent CALENDAR - 27     
It was an eventful "Presentation" of baby Jesus at the Temple. After the spooky but accurate predictions of elderly Simeon, an equally elderly woman joined in.
There was a very old prophet, a widow named Anna, daughter of Phanuel of the tribe of Asher. She had been married for only seven years and was now eighty-four years old. She never left the Temple; day and night she worshipped God, fasting and praying. That very same hour she arrived and gave thanks to God and spoke about the child to all who were waiting for God to set Jerusalem free.

But free from what?

Some were looking for political freedom, which only came Post World War 2; so this, again, was the freedom from the burden of "sin" that figures so highly in the Christian Gospel.

The world needed to know more.

Enter (in due course) a gaggle of Zoroastrian astronomical astrologers - bearing gifts.

Maybe with silly hats, but definitely NOT riding camels!
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  1. FBB - it was the X95 not the X62 that was severely compromised by the rail line. The X95 was reduced to hourly between Gala and Edinburgh.