Thursday 27 February 2014

Directions to "Foller" to get you to Sóller [2]

Ir en autobús
Anar amb autobús
Go by bus
fbb's No 3 on has been on a short holiday to Majorca. fbb's No 3 son doesn't share his father's passion for public transport. fbb's No 3 son occasionally finds himself  "fascinated" or "infuriated" by some aspects of bus or rail travel and, much to his surprise, feels sufficiently "fascinated" or "infuriated" to share his emotions with the old man.

Thus he has inspired fbb to explore travel possibilities between Palma and Sóller, specifically by train and tram. Before reviewing tracked transport, fbb will look at buses.

Palma, the biggest town on the Island has its own "municipal" network of blue and silver buses.
They are run by EMT ...
... and most of them stop at the Plaça d'Espanya / Plaza de Espana but ...
... they do not descend into the depths of the Estació Intermodal. Notice the label "Park de les Estacions." Here a clutch of railway appurtenances and the former station has been turned into a park. Everything else, trains, metro and rural buses have been buried. Here is the entrance for the buses ...
... whilst on the other side of the park is the former above-ground bus station (shown, inset, when in use).
Underground is a massive interchange plus car park whence we could catch our bus to Sóller; here from stand 7 ...
... or next to it on Stand 8 (or is it Stand 6?). The operator is TIB.
Route 210 follows the classic route via mountain and coast using lots of spectacular wiggly roads, particularly the Ma10.
Services are not frequent at this time of year but the ride must be truly glorious.
The alternative, route 211, offers different kind of excitement.

El túnel de Sóller es un túnel carretero situado en la isla de Mallorca bajo la sierra de Alfabia. Comunica las ciudades de Palma de Mallorca y Sóller. Forma parte de la carretera Ma-11, que une la capital de la isla y el Puerto de Sóller. Fue inaugurado el 19 de febrero de 1997, el túnel es de peaje y tiene una longitud de 3.023 metros. En marzo de 2013, el precio para un turismo no residente en la zona eran 5'05€.
Yes, it runs via the Tunnel and "new" road Ma11. And it has a much better frequemcy.
Journey time here is just over 30 minute as opposed to over an hour on the "traditional" 210.

TIB vehicles are more coach than bus ...
... with plenty of room for tourists' luggage.

But there is another option. Instead of a comfortable coach with air-conditioning, the intrepid traveller might go for the third alternative; (un?)comfy bus seats ...
... or even better, slatted wooden benches ...
... and just four trips ...
... of which the 1730 has no return journey!

Of course, it's no competition - you would have to go by train.

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  1. What languages are those at the top of the pagina

  2. First one's Spanish (Castilian) - don't know why it says 'has' beforehand. Second one's Catalan.

  3. "has" shouldn't have been there. I've removed it!