Tuesday 7 May 2024

Tuesday Variety : Bank Holiday Quiz (3)

Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen

fbb was taken to see the film at the Plaza, Wellingborough Road, Northampton. It was a while back!

Copenhagen has a Metro ...
... which, as indicated by the platform doors, is driverless.
There is also an S Bahn of longer suburban routes ...
... With trains that DO have a driver.
Bit not for long!

It will take a while ...
... but it's progressing faster than any driver deletion from London's Underground.

fbb aims to write about both networks more fully in a later blog.

Poor Colours : Posh Carriages
1981 marked the debut of France's Train a Grand Vitesse (Train of Great Speed) a k a TGV. The trains were very orange!

Over the years multiple high speed lines have opened (GB politicians please note - multiple lines) and the trains got faster and were painted blue and silver.
They also became double deck!

Just announced is the latest member of the family, namely the TGV M, seen here at Alstom's factory.
... and again in test.
It's a big lump of a train, available in seven and nine car versions.
fbb looked at the overall white and thought, "That's nice, I wonder what colour they will be painted?"

Answer, white!

Spot the "inOui" logo and a feeble pink/purple stripe. Quelle horreur!
Indeed, these will be last production from the Alstom works.

Bank Holiday Quiz (3)

1. New Route
In which city?

2. Mini Metro
In which city?

3. Silly Name
But who operates this train?

4. Unusual train?
What is it called?

5. Operator Change
Which body now operates this vehicle?

6. Dishy Depot
Which operator has just opened this new depot?

7. Lovely Galactic Lorry
Wat is the marque of this preserved Commer lorry, once owned by Sheffield Transport?

8. Re-Elected - Mayor Where?
Of which Metropolitan area is he mayor?

9. Destination Debate
Which airport does Arriva 509 serve?

10. Heritage Hassle
You might need a hand to answer this one! What is missing from this fake Hornby Dublo model  purporting to date from 1939.  The model was assembled by fbb as he was too mean to buy the real thing.

Answers later this week.

 Next Island station blog : Wednesday 8th May 

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  1. It might help to know that the 'Commer lorry' (Quiz question 7) is not a Commer.