Saturday 10 June 2023

Satuday Variety

Improved Bus Service - Yes, Really!

When Stagecoach backed out of the route between Seaton and Lyme Regis, it was natural that Seaton based Axe Valley Travel should take on the job. The Devon Council tender for the first year was poor.
Ignoring schoolday buses, there were just four journeys Monday to Saturday in Summer and ...
... and utterly pathetic offering of not quite two in the Winter. This was substantially inferior to the withdrawn Stagecoach 9A which was hourly Monday to Saturday and two hourly on Sunday.

But come 2023, the Summer 378 service is slightly improved ...
... to FIVE journeys, but for the Winter, things are much much better ...
... with a doubling of the frequency, So more folk will be able to enjoy the views as the bus descends into Lyme Regis. (This one is ascending from ...)
Still no Sunday service, though.

More Going Ahead!
The GoAhead boss made the usual and expected comments.
Pulhams operate a variety of rural services, notably the 801 ...
It runs Monday to Saturday with just a couple of Sunday and Bank Holiday trips.
... and the 802 which provides a link to trains at Kingham station.
A very useful  link!
For the full list refer to their web site.

The company has a modern well kept fleet of single ...
... and double deck motors.
There are extensive coaching interests as well.
They can cater for large or very small parties!
Actually it's a staff car. 

It looks as if the present family management will be staying with the operation.
Andrew Pulham is quoted.

How Many?
It is a Southern Railway 8 plank goods wagon; a number of planks that was not common on Britain's Railways. Conventionally seven was the maximum for a high sided open wagon. 

This model is produced by Rapido Trains and costs £28.01 from Rails, £27.95 from Hattons and  a whopping £32.95 RRP advised by Rapido. 

Thought. Why the odd penny c/o Rails - does that make such a difference to Rails' profit margin?.
Back in the day, Hornby Dublo made a similar wagon ...
... as did Trix ...
... and Triang.
There may have been similar wagons in grey and occasionally with a different railway company lettering. But once British Railways happened, you would get a brown open wagon or a grey open wagon and that was your lot.

Of course. today's main manufacturers (Hornby and Bachmann) have upgraded their models, but tend to extend the range with private owner liveries.
British Railways had thousands of these general-use wagons, but, from a modelling point of view, they are very boring.
So how many versions of this very boring Southern Railway goods wagon has Rapido created?
That's 32 different versions of one simple 8 plank Southern Railway wagon. The odd duplicate may appear in the above paste-up as fbb cannot count! The differences may be small (e.g. wagon number) but they are different.

For "Pokemon" substitute "S R open wagon" and sing along!
If you want a cheap (cheaper?) seven planker, fbb recommends Oxford Rail ...
... at a modest (?) £11.95 brand new. You would struggle to tell the difference as it trundles round your layout.

Puzzle Picture
fbb has been unable to identity the actual street location, so the city of operation will do. One small clue - the tram is red.

Technology Puzzle Picture
So, if you want a drophead, missus, Ellis is you man. But what is it?

Answers tomorrow.

Just "plonked" prior to painting the granite retaining wall. But why has fbb glued window frames on the railings?
Weird or what?

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  1. I'm almost certain its a City of Leeds tram, although I don't know where in the city the photo was taken.

  2. It is indeed Leeds, at the junction of North Street and Meanwood Road. The clue is the former Rakusens Kosher cracker factory in the background (Rakusens are still alive and well).
    The area has changed out of all recognition but the building on the right still stands.