Wednesday 1 February 2023

Three Cheers For| Three Piers (3)

Oh No We Can't : Oh Yes We Can

The temporary walkway to allow pedestrian and cycle access to the "wet end" whilst the boardwalk pier as being rebuilt was only temporary ...
... being made of scaffolding poles with a plyood deck. It was well lit for night time use.
It was originally revealed that a permanent solution would not be tolerated by English Heritage. It would spoil the view of and from the Pier.

Thus there was much excitement when plans were announced to construct a permanent walkway and cycle track where the temporary work once sat. Initial artist's impressions were superb.
We were even told what colour the decking would be.
The "wider scheme" is to extend the cycleway long the coast to Appley Park.
It was all looking super and smashing with pedestrians sheltered from the icy blast and the teeming rain both often whisking from the west. 
Then doubts began to appear.
No shelter?

Then this announcement came.
No mention of cycle track.

This was finally confirms by this piece of depressing (for cyclists) news.
So now we have  half sized walkway and cycles are banned. This is confirmed by the latest plans with no green bit!
But what about the cover? Are those little shelters all that is available? Do you shelter from the monsoon and miss your ferry?

Photographs recently received from Alan (our senior IoW correspondent - he likes to br called senior although he is the only one!) show huge new beams of timber near the Pier Head ...
... and in the background, the replacement windbreak to protect rail passengers from the same icy blasts and teeming rain that, apparently, will not be provided, as previously advertised, for those on foot!
The previous wind- and rail- break seen from within the station ...
... was not really in tip top condition! Its replacement should be a bit better.

Before we leave the tramway pier, a couple of pictures of the trams snoozing peacefully at the "dry end", Ryde Esplanade station.
Note the Brickwoods Ale advert and the large sign advertising the buses of Southern Vectis.
It must have been a quiet day - no passengers! Note also the trailer/pushcart attached to the car on the left.

And, talking of Southern Vectis, they had a sales kiosk at the Pier Head as well.
Of course, back then it wasn't all on line. There was no line for it to be "on". Back then, you had to suffer the crushing indignity but high reliability of talking to a real person.

But, back then, the companies wanted to encourage passengers to travel with them. Now they don't seem as interested.

Confirmation was received late yesterday evening from Alan that there will be NO COVER for the walkway, despite all the previously published pretty pictures.
Pity. A good quality walkway would go well with the aspirations to turn the pier into a "destination" in its own right ....
... with bars, restaurants, entertainment and even somewhere to park your cabin cruiser.

Usual comment:-

 Next Missing Pier Road blog : Thursday 2nd February 

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