Monday 12 April 2010

Best bus station?

A recent visit to Havant (near Portsmouth) provided the opportunity to compare its bus station with the offering at Winchester (read again). What a contrast!

Havant's building is relatively new - which helps, of course - and provides its customers with a staffed enquiry facility, toilets and a shop selling periodicals and snacks.   The building is totally enclosed with doors leading outside to a canopied waiting area.   There is a departure board inside and timetable information at each "stand".

Understandably, given the prevalence of vandalism these days, the actual building is only open from 0700 to 1830 Monday to Saturday. Sadly, at other times, the "indoor" facilities are unavailable.

There is a display rack of Stagecoach leaflets - complete and up-to-date - but no timetables for the routes operated by Emsworth and District.   The contrast with Winchester is marked; tatty versus smart; welcoming versus dreary and comfortable versus exposed!

Well done Havant Borough Council for providing an attractive and people-friendly facility.   Others  should emulate this!
A shot, here, of the bus station in use.  On a less positive note, the number of stands is inadequate and some journeys leave from stops to the right.

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