Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Greyhound and The Fox Part 5

Conquering Cornwall Cancelled
Long term readers will remembere just one blog from fbb on the arrival and demise of Cornwall Busways (read again).
The Transport Manager and sole director was Nicholas Siddaway, a director of several companies in the City Fox Group. The company appeared to have just two vehicles ...
... which operated two services local to St Austell and competing over most of their routes with First Bus and Western Greyhound.
A vehicle breakdown required a local minibus company to stand in.
But by the end of December, the company bowed to the inevitable and ceased trading.
CityFox announced the proposals to start buses in Cornwall under the name of KernowFox Ltd. Pictures appeared on-line of work in hand to prepare the former Cornwall Busways vehicles for service.
Another bus being rubbed down for repainting was an Optare Solo ...
... then offered for sale on Ebay.

What was particularly exciting was the company's proposal for livery. First Bus is purported to be having another go at its Kernow paint job, perhaps using GWR dark green. KernowFox would use Bristol Blue ...
... a stunning colour reminiscent of Alexander Midland once service Glasgow and Strling etc.
A double deck version also appeared on-line ...

... and, even mor interesting, a version for a VR.
The name "Kernow Breezer" might ring a bell.
But the fledgling Kernow Fox had a significant rethink and decided not to proceed. Whilst there has been much speculation as to the reason for this "re-evaluatiion" but the Company recognised too high a risk.
Cornwall is, indeed, one of the Shires that has been given the right to take over and specify bus routes throughout the county and invite tenders to operate them. Some observers call this "London Style" franchising. If this right were exercised, it would be possible for KernowFox to lose everything they has started - assuming they could make a go of it in the first place.

As Cornwall Busways and Pier Buses (in Bristol) found, competing against a major player (First Bus) with huge financial resources to throw at the battle is a recipe for doom. But the possible failure to win any of the routes on offer would be a bit of a bummer.
Cornwall Council has said that they would only excercised these powers if the commercial companies failed to provide buses where needed. In the end the costs of the franchised network might well be too great for the Council to bear!

Currently, the relationship between Council and First is very positive.

So KernowFox has probably made a very wise decision.

One mystery unresolved. What happened to this blue double decker?
Once a London vehicles ...
... and latterly with various operators in all-over white ...
... it seems to have vanished from the scene. Anything known?

Tomorrow, The Company replies.

But here's a thought. A brand new sci-fi film is released today.

 Next CityFox blog : Friday 24th June 

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