Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Not Tavistock but Eastbourne

A Mystery Unravelled?
fbb boobed! Seeing this artists' impression of the new Exeter Bus Station, fbb jumped to the conclusion that the buses were a rebrand of the Exeter route to Tiverton etc, Once branded ...
... Culm Valley Connect, the service later lost its brand. Had fbb looked closely at the real bus, he would have spotted the destination on the side. A comment writer spotted that it said "Langney Shops".
So the buses pictured in Exeter Bus Station are going to Eastbourne. Obviously it doesn't really matter, the vehicles only serve to give an impression of the design; no-one expects them to be 100% accurate.

But fbb's boob did inspire him to take a look at the real "One for the Road" route.

Back in 2009, Eastbourne's service 1 was a sort of big circular come contorted lollipop from Shinewater to Eastbourne centre then in a loop via Hamlands.
fbb  did take a ride on the Eastbourne 1 some years ago and really struggled with where it went and where on the route he was at any given time. What befuddled memory remains is even less reliable six years (approx) later!

Today's 1 is equally complex as the route map shows.
But it still runs from Shinewater (with a smallish loop) ...
... to Hamlands via a much bigger loop numbered 1 or 1A according to loopiness. It may be unchanged in route front that mystifying excursion taken by fbb!

Is the timetable helpful?
Yes, it's done pretty well. The General Hospital and Ocklynge School are both on the map and in the timetable. Effectively Stagecoach have split the loop into two separate routes. Showing more of the loops (the long way round) might be useful for some but it would have the disadvantage of adding extra confusion.

The xephos version from 2009 was designed to allow the journey planners to answer both "long way round" and "short way round" enquiries.

How does Stagecoach's planner cope?

Try Eastbourne Academy to Ocklynge School.

It can't find Eastbourne Academy, so try Lindfield Road,
And we do get the long way round route as an option! Have a house point, Stagecoach.
Traveline South East is less helpful. It does find Eastbourne Hospital and Ocklynge School ...
... but only offers a short bus ride bus (Service "Loop") and walk.
Indeed, looking at the map, the walk and no bus option seems preferable.
Hospital, upper right; bus is the red line on Kings Road, walk is the green line.

You pays your money (or not) and takes your choice.
This unscheduled blog (updated at 0930 this morning) was created at short notice to allow various parties to "calm down dear" as the CityFox blogs had caused some strong feelings. fbb has asked the appropriate parties for clarification and (where necessary) correction. Once the answers are received the series will be concluded.

In the meantime, enjoy some more glorious East Devon sunsets. These were photographed from the rear entrance of fbb towers at about 2130 last night.

More from Bristol as soon as possible.

 Next bus blog : Wednesday 22nd June 

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