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Morris Models Magnificent Motors (1)

Days Gone Haven't Gone Completely
Whilst staying with No 3 son last weekend, fbb paid a visit to Morris Models in North Lancing. The local bus is "Stagecoach" service 7; but it isn't.
The route is run under contract by Compass Travel. Cleverly (?) Stagecoach pays Compass a wedge to run the buses and retains the fares revenue. Presumably it makes sense for both participants? Manor Road North Lancing would be the stop.
The shop is a veritable Aladdin's Cave of joy and delight and fbb's visit was only intended to be a browse as Mrs fbb and No 3 son waited in the car on a hot day. But, whilst creeping along one of the shop's narrow gangways, fbb espied a pile of models labelled "Trackside", which alert readers will remember was a marque used by Lledo "toys" before (and after) the take-over by Corgi.

Many of the prices were reduced, and cheapskate fbb saw his chance of enhancing his model railway with a small display of "heritage" commercial vehicles.

First up was an LNER horse box reduced from £8.25 to £4.
Box branded Corgi and dated 2007

It looks better out of the box!
In "days gone" the railway companies were very much involved in the transfer of race horses from trainer to racecourse etc. and these vehicles were oft seen "oop north".
Indeed the model is a faithful representation of the real vehicle as illustrated above - even down to the fleet number, ZK0100.
And if any of our readers happen to be a horse, they might like to see a picture of the real deal (ZK0104) with doors open to appreciate the luxury.
The Southern Railway had similar lorries ...
... also available from the Lledo range in past days.
The interwebnet tells fbb that the marque was Maudslay with Harrington bodywork. Dinky Supertoys also produced a horsebox with longer rear overhang and in various liveries. fbb remembers the maroon "British Railways" verson which he would ogle at in Northampton's toy shops. It was well beyond the lad's pocket-money aspirations.
But it was a gorgeous model ...
... and huge. Prices on Ebay for the not-so-dinky Dinky range from a tenner for a battered version without box to £255 (ouch!) for the non-BR version with perfect box.
fbb's LNER model sells for prices ranging from £6.50 to £9, so a saving was made. Of course, horses would transfer to railway horsebox wagons at a suitable railhead.
But that is another story.

What this blog reveals is how much traffic went by train and how many vehicles, both road and rail, were needed to support the various goods businesses. Wagon loads have now been replaced by bulk trains; everything else goes by road. Horseboxes of the road variety have become even posher!

By carefully saving his pocket money, fbb was able to purchase a Hornby Dublo two rail (red box) Southern Region horsebox in malachite green.
He thinks it cost 7/11d. The modern model, made by Bachmann and no longer in production could cost you £57. (ouch again).

Tomorrow - a Scottish department store and the precursor of British Road Services.
GoTimetable Seaton
Updated in Good Time

The minor changes to Stagecoach route 20 (Seaton - Honiton - Taunton) have been added to the app. 

You get an updated map as well. A previous blog refers (read again)
The map took nearly 5 minutes to alter using no particular skill. It is simply not necessary to spend oodles of money to keep maps up to date.

Meanwhile work is in progress on making this app available as a "normal" web site.

The much bigger app "for a Northern City" is at the "data cleansing" stage and will be ready for public use in both versions by 1st September.

Will any of the key participants be prepared to support a trial run with a modest provision of cash?
 Next Rail/Road transport blog : Wednesday 15th June 

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