Friday, 17 June 2016

The Greyhound and the Fox Part 2

CityFox Taxi Triumph
Or is it?
There is plenty on-line about the City Fox "group" taxi business with lots of pictures ...
... with a preponderance of shots being of the two blue motors above. There is news of the purchase of more vehicles ...
... and cheery pictures of the staff team (or some of them).
There are regular adverts for new staff, especially at a supervisory level.
 One picture shows a taxi repainted to support the Bristol Gay Pride event.
You will soon be able to pay using contactless technology ...
... and they've even managed to get an articulated taxi licensed.
Oh, golly gosh, that was an April 1st joke.

Expansion, according to their web site and tweets, is unstoppable.
Bus services in Bristol, taxis in Bristol, Bath ...
... and Plymouth and more.
Elsewhere on-line expansion in Newport South Wales is heralded.

The company's Bristol operation is centred on Temple Meads station, but a recent acquisition has been Fareride Taxis of Gloucester Road ...
... where the group has its HQ and training centre.
Finally; ploughing through Twitter, Facebook et al we note yet another sphere of operation in North Somnerset.
B Cars based at Bristol Airport is becoming CountryFox.
There is one niggling problem in Bristol. All the city's taxis are painted "Bristol" blue, so it can be difficult to spot which vehicles are operated by CityFox. Many shots are of their favourite two ...
... but you do occasionally see three.
One must have been delivered and quickly labelled with a sticky version of the "normal" logo.

One of fbb's Bristol correspondents has taken a trip into the centre of town; his first ever taxi-spotting expedition. Maybe he can resolve some of the issues?

Next week we will look at the company's bus operations in Bristol and Cornwall.
Readers might wonder what Wolfgang (Arte Johnson's character from "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" - remember?) might say?

Newly recruited taxi spotter (and Bristol correspondent) reports that the Fareride Taxi office on Gloucester Road is now closed.
Presumably operations are now centred on premises near Temple Meads station. Maybe that it where the training centre as pictured above is located? Paul only spotted one of the company's fleet of taxis ...
... at the station itself. This was, again, one of the two photogenic facebook favourites. There was no sign of any of the four recently delivered "London-style" vehicles referred to above.

 Next open top blog - Saturday 18th June 

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  1. The bus leased from Wheelers and badly respected was finally repossessed after the rent wasn't paid.
    In the interim it was driven round Bristol pretending to be in rail replacement.
    No o licence, no bus.