Thursday, 30 June 2016

O Deary Me, Try Looking for Three ...

... Where Can it Be?
Once upon a time route 3 in Sheffield looked like this ...
... being the clockwise version of Sheffield's superb Outer Circle service. At the same time it also looked like this ...
... as the trunk route between Sheffield and Mansfield. Now but a shadow of its former self it is route 53 run by Stagecoach.

After Sheffield's 3 was reorganised (non-circling) as routes 2 and 59, the number was re-used for half of service 4 ...
... which initially and confusingly used the same route number for "both ways round" a big loop between Ecclesall and Millhouses via Dobcroft Road (DR) or Springfield Road (SR).
After another period in the route number limbo, 3 reappeared as part of the ill-conceived "new network" (aka service reductions) in November 2015. The former service to Nether Edge (historic number jungle as 61, 63, 97, 98, 22 and 56) were attached to a re-routed 76 (City to Firth Park and Meadowhell) as a brand new 3.

And here it is.

As a passing thought, the provisional GoTimetable Sheffield allows you to ask for service 3. Because computers are stupid you do get other services, for example,  beginning with 3 but the simple independent "3" comes first.
Tap on the "3" and, of course, you get a timetable **.
So off to the the fount of all knowledge timetabular in South Yorkshire and we search for "3".
In fact there are 51 entries in no particular order provided when you search for "3"; including maps and rail timetables which are not numbered "3" and a bus service whose position in the "3" list is beyond belief.
Maybe it is there because of its start date.

Very useful. NOT!

What isn't there, however, is SERVICE 3.

Confused by this omission, a blog comment writer actually contacted the PTE at the beginning of May and received a prompt-ish reply dated 6th May.

Here is the verbatim epistle.
And here is fbb's correspondent's comment:-
To which your frustrated blogger adds:-

The PTE has proved itself super-ineffective time and time again with its management of the detail of publicity via its IT department. Two months have passed since they were alerted to this particular problem. But they still cannot find service 3. Over the past days we have seen profoundly weak management of the route changes in the University area. fbb has attended numerous meetings (at the PTEs instigation but at his own expense) over the last 5 years AND NOTHING EVER CHANGES.

Should these people, spending our money, be trusted with anything to do with public transport?
Four noble souls have contributed massively to these latest Sheffield blogs. Thanks to David and Roy who sent the photographs; thanks to John who helped sort out the routes and thanks to xxx who began the abortive search for service 3.
** and a splendid map, shown here in two bits; north of the city .,,
... followed by city centre and south.
Imagine, all Sheffield timetables (including the 3) available with a few simple prods on your phone or laptop.


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