Wednesday, 25 November 2015

El Dorado at Topsham [3]

fbb the Consummate Paparazzo!
Perhaps not!

But the great and the good of Stagecoach South West were all there, complete with "Gold" ties and smart suits. There was Graham Bailey ...
... who has graciously given his time to drive the open top bus for Archie Fearnley's birthday bash.
Graham's job description is that of Commercial Manager. His boss, Commercial Director Robert Williams was there as well.
Then Engineering Director Mike Bishop was on hand with a spanner and screwdriver; and a gold tie but fbb's picture was so awful he had to use another source.
On the principle of keeping it in the family, Mike's dad, Arthur Bishop, was in change of engineering at Southern Vectis. On retirement, Arthur's job was taken over by Alan (now himself retired), our senior Isle of Wight correspondent.

But we must not forget Bob the Bus Boss, Managing Director of Stagecoach South West (aka Bob Dennison) who had a few well chosen words to say to the assemblage.
Bob emigrated from the Antipodes (New Zealand) in 1999.

Naturally, he emphasised the quality of the new vehicles and service, reminding us all on free WiFi  and USB charging points for our "devices".
And we definitely must not forget Helen Scholes, ebullient and enthusiastic Marketing Manager whose baby this day was.
Thanks Helen for the invite!

Also present were the Great and Good from Exmouth. The Lady Mayor of Exmouth, Maddy Chapman, was present ...
... accompanied by her very attentive consort who multi-tasks as her husband. Also there was her deputy, Brian Cole.
They were accompanied by a clutch of councillors from the Brixington area.

But the star of the show had to be Roger Bourgein ...
... Exmouth's Town Crier, who managed to keep all of the assembled multitude in order without dropping a clanger. After the tape cutting, all repaired to the upper room ...
... for refreshments. The selection of sarnies was excellent, both in quality, contents and, most importantly, quantity. fbb was so busy taste testing (in the interests on on-line journalism, of course) that he forgot to photograph the spread. But he did enjoy a cup of excellent coffee and, a nice touch this, hot apple juice with mulled (mulling, mullable?) spices.
Two items remained on the agenda. One was the cake cutting ...
... performed with aplomb by Mayor Maddy with escort subserviently in the background! The cake was delicious.

And, of course, there was a goody bag.
The gold coin, sadly, is chocolate and the gold ticket will not admit fbb to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, but it would provide a free group explorer ticket (5 people) provided the trip begins on a Gold route.

fbb has committed a whole blog to the detail of this event, not just to "name drop", but because Stagecoach have really pushed the boat (the bus?) out to promote this service; starting with local dignitaries and continuing with two events for the general public. And the local press sat up and took notice!
We need more of this.

So does Sheffield!

 Next bus & rail blog : Thursday 26th November 

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