Tuesday, 24 November 2015

El Dorado at Topsham [2]

At Darts Farm, Specifically.
In the 1970's Ronald Dart started selling his fruit and vegetables to the local community from a small hut at the bottom of his field. From these humble beginnings Darts Farm has blossomed to become what is today - a nationally regarded local food hub, selling the produce of hundreds of the regions local food and drink producers. Today the farm is run by Ronald Dart's three sons; Paul, Michael and James Dart, who between them continually endeavour to keep the original values at the heart of the business.  
The Darts Farm of today is the product of a passion for farming and providing good quality, local produce to a community that cares about its cultural heritage.
From simple farm shop, the business has expanded to a major visitor attraction.
But on Friday last Gold came to Darts Farm.
On the podium was the gold statue man (actually a gold statue woman) who starred standing stock still at the launch of Gold from Torquay to Plymouth (read again).
The reception took place in a room used for cookery demonstrations but "done up" with "Gold" themed balloons ...
... and, yummy yummy lots for the tummy, a gold bullion lookalike cake.
As mentioned yesterday, the service has been stable for some years, both in route and frequency. Single deck buses ...
... have handed over to double. Go57 branding has faded into historic obscurity ...
... replaced by plain Stagecoach. But from yesterday, the old becomes gold ...
... as a current 57 passes the festivities!

Tomorrow we will pop in to the reception itself and meet some of the bus and local celebs making the day notable and memorable. And there's more food!
Today, fbb is off to Sheffield again! This time he is meeting the Sheffield Bus Partnership publicity team at the invitation of the team leader.
fbb is, hopefully, well prepared.
Assuming that he returns in one piece, fbb may well have things to say about (dare one just hope a little bit?) some improvements in Partnership publicity.

Or maybe not?
 Next Gold blog : Wednesday 25th November 


  1. A visit to the tuck shop is following by an invite to the headmasters study!

  2. Best of luck FBB - take a modern Marketing dictionary. It may help you understand terms like collateral, reach, penetration - just a hint of the garbage that will be rolled out by the SYPTE dreamers, First and Stagecoach.

    1. and if that doesn't work, just stuff it down your trousers!

  3. Slightly of-topic, but perhaps you could throw in the point that Sheffield Station is currently devoid of any publicity for the rail lines that TSY supports. Is this unique on National Rail?