Saturday, 6 June 2015

fbb and a Bit of Skirt

Catherine Isabel Audrey "Cath" Kidston, MBE, is an English fashion designer, businesswoman and author whose company, Cath Kidston Limited sells home furnishings and related goods through shops, online and by mail order, most products being made with her floral prints.
In February 2010, the company was valued at £75 million.

After recovering from breast cancer, Kidston opened her first shop in London's Holland Park in 1993, selling hand-embroidered tea-towels and brightly renovated furniture. She later described it as just a "glorified junk shop". By the end of 2013, there were 136 outlets, including a flagship store on Piccadilly next to Fortnum & Mason ...
... and four stores in China. Appearing on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs programme, Kidston described her shops as provoking a 'Marmite reaction': "People either love it and want a little bit of it very much, or want to stab us."
Prince George of Cambridge wore one of her jumpers, which quickly sold out.

By now, seasoned blog readers will wonder what manifestation of insanity has led fbb to prattle on about fashion. The spur for this research was this ...
... a skirt being warn by a young lady sitting across the aisle from the fbbs as they wended their way from Axminster to the Big Smoke.

Kath Kidston's floral designs adorn everything imaginable for the home and person; e.g. wellies ...
... an umbrella ...
... and even a sempstress's mannequin ...
... at £195! Sadly the latter bargain item is sold out and no longer available. But the London Buses skirt is also a Cath Kidston production.
The design is also available as a dress ...
... a backpack ...
...a handbag ...
... and a cover for an iPhone!

Kath's version of various vehicles is "fluid" in he extreme; particularly the left hand drive version (below, top left)!
But who cares - they are fun (but expensive). And anyone who can afford Cath Kidston products probably has a chauffeur (or chauffeuse) anyway!

When this design was being heavily promoted, some shops were adorned with huge glass jars filled with ...
... model pseudo-London buses!

A final question. Does anyone make a pair of Y-fronts using the same design - ideal for an elderly public transport enthusiast (aka sad old man)?

Or a mug?
At £7 - no way!

In case you are confused, here are some pictures of (according to the caption or description) London buses.
In case you are worried about the pink and green Routemasters, here is ADL 941B as it really is!

It has never been pink or lime green.

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  1. Too many years on the Isle of Wight - ALD 941B, not ADL 941B!

  2. Father Christmas brough me two items I. this range one of them is a pass/ key holder. I've fitted it with a landtard and it's very handy for rail tickets.