Sunday, 17 April 2016

Crossways, Cordite and Kinson [1]

What Took fbb to Crossways, Dorset?
Historically, not a lot. A cluster of cottages at a crossroads (the cross ways at Crossways) was the sum total of the settlement some 80 yeards ago. During World War 2 the area was developed as a fighter station, RAF Warmwell.
Modern development has filled in the triangle of roads marked Dick o'th' Banks and even newer building has spread northwards towards the railway line.
To serve this growing community is Frome Valley School ...
What the aerial view does not show is that adjoining the school is a brand new Anglican Church.
It is in the diocese of Salisbury and one member of The United Benefice of Moreton, Woodsford, Crossways & Tincleton. The congregation had been meeting in a Youth Centre and sought to built (or have built) a "proper" church building which opened about 10 months ago.
Crossways is served by Damory (part of the GoAhead group) approximately every hour from Dorchester (click on the timetable to enlarge) ...
... although the route is far from direct.
Some journeys continue from Crossways (top right) to Owermoigne, off the may at the bottom right.

But fbb went by car, being taxi-driver to Mrs fbb who was attending a ladies' prayer and bible study day in that beautiful new church. Scheduled for 1000 to 1600 (yesterday), fbb needed to find alternative amusement.

Our observant readers will have spotted Moreton Station on the maps and it is to that piece of railway infrastructure that fbb drove after depositing the good wife at the church.
There is the hourly service; xx20 from Weymouth, xx39 at Moreton and then on tto London Waterloo. fbb found the last space in the lavish FREE station car park (nine spaces) ...
... and even managed to buy his ticket from the machine. Who's a clever boy, then?
Knowledgeable readers will have no trouble working our where the chubby one went; Kinson is a suburb of ...
... Bournemouth!

But first, there's a train journey to enjoy, which fbb will share with his blog readers tomorrow.

App Happenings
The GoTimetable Seaton app is now available for Android devices on the Google Play Store. Response so far has been very encouraging with five star reviews. A number of positive suggestions have been made, all of which are being considered.

One of the powerful features of the app is the way in which it shows timetable changes.
But when there are a lot of revisions in the offing, the plethora of dates and notes can be confusing. So it was suggested that a button in the front-end menu might be used to ...
... call up only the current information for the date shown on the device.
This has now been implemented and an updated app is available.

Thanks, Paul, for the suggestion. One or two other possibilities are still under consideration by the team
 Next explosive blog : Monday 18th April 

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