Friday 22 April 2016

App Happenings (yawn?) and Some Silly Stuff

The Donkey/Mule/Ass
and other Odd-Toed Ungulates
Regular blog readers will remember that, last Summer, open top entrepreneur and former Isle of Wight resident Derek Gawn started a tours business using his topless buses. The RE (single decker) had run for many years as Shanklin's Pony on the Isle of Wight.
Last summer's weather was on the grim side of grim and the project was barely marginal. But young Derek is nothing if not keen (or potty?) and his buses are back in Seaton and the surrounding resorts this coming summer.

These are tours, and licensed as such, so no local fares are available, just a round-trip "ride all day if you like" ticket.

Two tours are focused on Seaton.
Would the GoTimetable Seaton app be able to show a tour? Answer yes - and no.
By showing the circle as two overlapping timetables, it is possible to make the information reasonably comprehensible without blowing the fuses electronically.
Hopefully this will giver Derek's project a bit of a boost. If you are in this part on the world in high summer ...
... one (or more) of Derek's tours is/are well worth the cash. Do remember that old crusties' free passes are not valid, but he does offer a discount fare for the mature and creaky!

A reminder that the GoTimetable Seaton app can be downloaded  FREE  onto Android devices from the Google Play Store. The technology is impressive according to No 3 son who compiled it. It is all a bit beyond your elderly blogger, but at least he can make it work!

Meanwhile a second and much bigger GoTimetable is on its way. Discussions are under way with bus bosses in a "large urban community" and the team has a fully working demo hidden in the bowels of "the cloud" but not yet available to the public.
More news as it happens. As they say.

Give It the Old One-Two
a series of two punches delivered quickly, one after another
Tom gave Bill the old one-two, and the argument was ended right there. Watch out for Tom. He's a master of the old one-two.

So quotes an on-line source to explain the phrase. At first sight it would be hard to see a link between a phrase used in fighting with any obvious part of the public transport industry.

But remember Bristol?

Back on 6th March, fbb reported that Wessex compeitive service between Bristol and Cribbs Causeway ...
... was to be cut back from every ten minutes to every 20. First has responded "vigorously" to this onslaught on one of the better performing Bristol routes ...
... with distinctive branding and an increase in frequency. Wessex will divert the withdrawn buses to have a nibble at First's route 2.
Wessex are only running to Southmead.
You might have expected this route to be branded TheTwo. What a really silly idea!

Wessex have given it a really daft inventive name, perhaps so silly that it might catch on!

It is called ...
... and cleverly (?) means that Wessex won't be rebranding their buses!

Will First Bristol now reduce their 1 and enhance their 2?
According to the web site there are timetable changes due on 24th ...
... but however frenetically fbb poked or prodded the panel ...
... absolutely nothing happened! But reference to Traveline tells us what is changing, not on 24th April, but one week later on 30th.

Here is the old timetable showing extra (competitive) trips on route 1.
Here is the new timetable with extra trips now appearing from Southmead on route 2.
Silly, isn't it?

Will First Bus ever tell that it is happening? Just over one week to go.

 Next Airport blog : Saturday 23rd April 


  1. Years of deciphering bits of hardly visible destination blind lead me to decipher the half-covered app as "Sh*ffi*ld". Too many upstrokes for secrecy!

  2. You may think that but I could not possibly comment!

  3. Not certain what's up with FBB's steam powered internet accessing device. Had no issues with First's website - click on the banner and went straight through via iPhone or laptop.

    All the April 24th timetables there, present and possibly correct

  4. Another observation - no mention in the text or in the images that First predominantly use brand new e400MMCs supplemented with some 2007 orange fronted vehicles (as illustrated).

    The 2003 vehicle would be a very rare occurrence nowadays on the 1/2.

  5. First's Saturday timetable is now quite odd, with a 5-min frequency between the City Centre and the Downs, which is a combination of a quarter-hourly full route 1, a quarterly hourly full route 2, and a quarterly hourly short service alternating between short 1 (Henbury-Centre) and short 2 (Southmead-Centre). The previous occasional 'short' terminus of the 1 (Westbury) being replaced with Henbury.

    And Wessex can't yet get into the actual Southmead Hospital bus stops,until the new stops open in a month or so, but until then don't seem to know where their bus is terminating - their own timetable and traveline show the terminus as Southmead (Greystoke Ave), having travelled via Pen Pk Rd, whereas their own maps and publicity descriptions show the route terminating at Pen Pk Rd (Lidl), where there is absolutely nowhere to turn a bus!

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