Sunday, 22 January 2017

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A Day for Joy ...
... and Ian and Ann and Peter. It wasn't a funeral in the conventional sense; that had happened earlier, for family and close friends, at the Isle of Wight Crematorium.
The fbbs had travelled to be present as a Service of Thanksgiving for Pam, Peter's wife and mother to the three children. Pam had died on January 1st, a few days short of her 70th Birthday. She had been ill for many years and earlier was not expected to reach her 50th year, so 69 was a real bonus.

This took place in St James' Church, Ryde ...
... attended for many many years by the bereaved family and, for some time, by the fbbs as well - hence the connection. The closing hymn says it all.

In Christ accepted and brought near
and clothed in righteousness divine
I see the path to life made clear
and all your merits Lord are mine
Death, hell and sin are now subdued
All grace is now to sinners giv’n
And so I plead the atoning blood
And claim the title deeds of heaven

Some may struggle with the dated language - it is a Charles Wesley hymn - but it evokes a life well lived serving God first and others next and a life made eternal and complete in heaven. That, simply and gloriously, was Pam.

A Joyful Journey
fbb is often accused of having a rant at today's public transport (dead right, he does) but as this blog's rubric suggests, there are times when the old man must simply rejoice in a job well done.

Seaton to Ryde involves a total of six train journeys, two ferry sails and a return trip to Axminster by car.

Everything ran perfectly all day. Here is the outward schedule (omitting the car).
Most of the outbound journey was spent preparing a Bible Study for tomorrow, but two pictures were of interest. The very dirty windows of the Great Western railway class 158/9 from Salisbury to Portsmouth ...
... and some mysterious poles planted in the Solent outside Portsmouth Harbour.
fbb also liked this amusing advert for Carisbrooke Castle, adorning the Wightlink ferry.

The return journey was equally straightforward ...
... but this time there was more time to take a few snaps.

The lights were on all along Ryde Pier to cope with the overcast weather.
The Spinnaker Tower, recent adorned by an advert for Emirates Airline ...
... (the blue painted bits at the bottom) looked magfificent in the chilly sunshine.

A gorgeous sunset; but where?
Answer at the end of the blog.

And ...
... the tinkling lights of Tisbury in the nearly-set sun glimmer ended any opportunities for photography. 

One train was not quite on time. Our return SouthWest trains double 159 was held for five minutes longer than usual at Tisbury, waiting for a late London-bound train.

Six Slender Solent Sticks
Yes those six sticks. Here's one close-up ...
... and one lying down on the quayside.
There are fourteen of them in total, two banks of six and a couple of odd ones. Thanks to our senior Isle of Wight Correspondent fbb has been able to source the answer.

Soon we will be getting two huuuuge aircraft carriers - sadly no aircraft to put on them for the time being - but they are, to use a technical term, "big".
Compare it in this montage with the puny little Island car ferry centre right.

Now fbb is not fully familiar with driving an aircraft carrier, having learned much of his navigation skills from the crew of HMS Troutbridge.
If you turn the steering wheel, it takes a long while for the boat to actually turn. The brakes are not that good either. So aiming it through the very narrow gap into Portsmouth Harbour (and out again) is a bit on the tricky side.

A block of six high powered lights will allow the driver to line the vessel up with the newly dredged deep water channel.
The extra single beacons will be an indication of where to go for the "left hand down a bit" instruction to the man at the steering wheel. The whole process remains a right Navy lark, but it would be expensive if the new "HMS Queen Elizabeth" did a Troutbridge and had a coming together with Spitbank Fort.
The Queen would come off worse!

P.S. The sunset photo was taken looking from the train (black line at "Redbridge") looking towards Totton.
It is nowhere near as picturesque in normal lighting conditions.

 Next bus or trolleybus blog : Monday 23rd January 

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