Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Not Rushing to Flushing [1]

More Cornwall Confusion
But first; First's good news. Or is it?
The responses to fbb's incompetent attempt at a better 56 timetable was justifiably, erm, justified. fbb got it wrong. The problem was this:-
Too many notes, too many colours; a timetable impossible to unravel (well.impossible for fbb!). But, we were told, the Newquay area booklet would show the 56 in a form "that was easy to understand". Here is the "better" Monday to Friday ...
... still needing four colours ...
... and an orange dot! Better, but not the best. Then the (a bit) better had replaced the not-better in the "service changes" link ...
... but in the front end index of "timetable booklets" (which aren't) confusion still reigns with route 56.
Click here and you get the original incomprehensible timetable. YUK!

Nearly better but not quite, First. Could do better!
Let's hope it's better than what went before! The cat was waiting to get to Newquay Airport, presumably?

But our task for the next blog or so it to try to unravel a timetable that does not have the benefit of an additional area timetable book. All we get for the 69 and 69A ...
... is one of these (click on the panel for a full size version):-
Only three colours of shading this time;  BLUE  is for schooldays,  PINK  is for school holidays & Saturdays,  YELLOW  is for Mondays to Fridays only. All unshaded trips run Mondays to Saturdays. There is no Sunday service.

We can quickly (?) dispose of the  YELLOW  shading. Once numbered 69 to avoid confusion with service 69 (!), this is a Monday to Friday Shopping trip from "Penryn" (whch isn't Penryn at all!) to Truro and back. It is now, sensibly, renumbered as 66 and is given its own table, a whole precious page, in the new Cornwall booklet (click on the panel for a larger version) .
In a massive timetable development, the route now included Cosawes Park.
Yes, it's an un-mobile mobile homes (i.e. caravans glued down) site.
Sadly, the Traveline map (above) suggests that the stunning diversion of the 66 never makes it to Cosawes Park as per timetable but shows the stop at Cosawes turning on the A39 (aerial view, top right).
fbb wonders which is right.


Or First Kernow?


 Next 69 blog : Wednesday 27th May 

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