Friday 6 June 2014

A B C D E F G (part 7)

We are looking for the missing 38D to complete our five suffix "set". First's full on-line timetable does not show such a beast.
First's index is, likewise, unproductive.
Nothing doing for 38D.
Try Traveline ...
... with the same negative outcome.
Such a pity; we could have had a lovely run of suffixes. But, hang on a tick. What is this that lurks in the envelope of goodies sent to fbb by contact in First Glasgow?
38D revealed : positioning journeys from Govanhill to Newton Mearns.
And Streetview shows us a bus depot, Larkfield, alongside Victoria Road.
And First will be opening a new depot at Gushetfaulds, not far away ...
... maybe these journeys will change.

And there's more.
These journeys leave Lauriston Road, also near Larkfield depot, run via the city centre and Royal Infirmary to use the M8 and the M80 before taking up their normal route inwards from Chryston.
And there's even more. We have a 38G.
These set off as 38F trips but continue via the M8 and run to Easterhouse, Barlanark or Baillieston, termini of the 38, 38C and 38E. Indeed, as these buses follow three different routes at their outer end, purists might demand a 58H and and 58J as well. By common consent "I" is not used as it is so easily confused with the number 1.

But they are all 38Gs, boohoo!

So that's your answer.

 SEVEN  successive suffix letters. Surely this is a record for modern times?

ffb's D, F and G leaflets are dated October 2013 and the core 38 services have been tweaked since then; so are these extras still available to the public? Does any member of the public know they exist? Maybe one of our blog readers knows.

The new depot, by the way, is on the site of the former railway Gushetfaults goods depot.
Originally  a goods yard run by the Caledonian Railway, the site became a Freightliner container terminal under British Rail.

The old Govanhill Iron Works occupied the southeastern corner of the site. When the new Euroterminal railfreight depot was built in Coatbridge in the early 1990s, Gushetfaulds was rendered redundant and it subsequently closed.

The site is now split in two by the M74 extension, seen here before construction of the new depot started.
Opening date of the new facility is "late 2014".

First Eastern Counties is launching a special £1 fare deal in the evenings during the world cup tournament.
Passengers can kick off the World Cup with £1 single journey fares on Norwich services (zones 1-5), Ipswich services (zones 1-2) and Great Yarmouth town services every day from 7.30pm from Thursday, June 12 to Sunday, July 13, 2014.
Using the bus has never been easier as a majority of services stop at Castle Meadow in Norwich city centre, Ipswich Old Cattle market bus station and Market Gates in Great Yarmouth.

Hugo Forster, General Manager of First Eastern Counties, said: “The bus offers a great travel alternative for a night out, it is cheaper than a taxi and is a great option for those who like to enjoy a drink in the evening.

The £1 fare is miles better value than a taxi and saves the hassle and cost of parking. So whether you’re watching the match or going out for dinner or to the cinema, I would encourage everyone to try the bus with these new, unbeatable fares.”
How soon we forget what £1 used to buy! And how good it is for the residents of these places to have an evening service to pay £1 for! The English pound note went out of circulation on 12th November 1984 replaced by the coin which had been introduced on 21 April 1983. A £1 note had been in circulation for 150 years. The  stuff you could buy for a 2014 pound would have cost you 9d (at 240d to the pound, now 4p at 100p to the pound) in 1955.
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  1. These extras, fairly recent additions across Glasgow, have been since renumbered into the 300s. One suspects it has something to do with Scots BSOG

  2. Thanks Wolf - there are dozens of these 300 things! It's no wonder that I didn't find a 38D.

  3. The £1 notes held out later than 1984 - this confirms my memory that it was 1988 that that were withdrawn from circulation.

    Of course Royal Bank of Scotland's issues, north of the border, lingered on, well into the 90s, and possibly beyond, - there was even a special issue, incorporating the EU's 12-star symbol, in 1992, to commemorate the foundation of the EU as such.

  4. The RBS pound note is still in use according to Wikipedia

  5. Its not been printed in years but are still floating around. Note a good number of thoses 300 staff money routes, will not operate during scottish school hoildays.

  6. I agree the 38 and it's variants can get confusing. Some of them at least are now renumbered into the 300's and are the so called "depot journeys."
    As for the £1 note the RBS one is still kicking about but is rarely seen these days.