Sunday 5 January 2014

Santa's Stocking Surprises [2]

Now, if you visit London frequently or have the (mis?)fortune to live there, this book is for you; if, that is, you have even a passing interest in the Capital's public sector transport. Police, Ambulance, Fire and Boris Bikes all feature. But our area of investigation is with passenger transport.

The reader can spy bus types, of course ...
... but, more challengingly, try getting points for bus roofs!

Each type of Underground train is listed ...
... plus the Croydon trams.
So the variety of road and rail vehicles is well covered. But it is the peripherals that might challenge even an adult enthusiast, let alone a trainee gricer.

How well do adult commuters fully grasp the difference between yellow Oyster readers ...
... and the much rarer pink ones?
Big Chief I-Spy's explanation is simplistic in the extreme.

But you would need to be a real dyed-in-the-wool Transport for London geek-meister to know where some of these might be found.
Even old-style train describers are now as rare as the gnashers of a gallus gallus domesticus!
Looks Uxbridge? Is it still there?
And here's a better picture!
Sorry, lads, fbb has given the game away. The rotter! But there are still a few "old indicators" elsewhere.

There are some huge challenges in this little book. fbb hopes some of the less possible "cops" won't be off-putting for future Transport for London enthusiasts. Now where is that diamond clock?

Annie Mole can help (here)!

But this blog has been a brief look at :-

"I Spy London's Transport"
published by Michelin
full colour throughout

At least, despite some of the harder "spys", this book will be a good grounding. Perhaps a copy should be sent to the authors and producers of "Sherlock"? See "Post Festive Snippets [9]" (read again).

How about a few extra points for a more nostalgic "spy" of a London Transport bus station? One of fbb's elderly slides.
Weather : Whether?

Ominous sky behind Beer

Ominous? Sky behind beer
Yesterday's Birmingham Trip
All ran beautifully and exactly to time:-

0656 Axminster to Exeter
0823 Exeter to Brum
1055 Brum to Butlers Lane
1523 Butlers Lane to Brum
1612 Brum to Exeter

until ...

1925 Exeter to Axminster delayed by 35 minutes.

Flooding finally jiggered the South West Trains line!
click to enlarge above panel
Still, it could have been MUCH worse!

But the taxi was waiting at Axminster with a very welcome smile from the chauffeuse; aka Mrs fbb. A flagon of tea was served upon arrival ches fbbs.

The I-Spy score is still to be calculated : to be published tomorrow.
 Next bus blog : Monday 6th January 


  1. particularly simplistic. pink interchange readers are for trips avoiding zone one. were you switching from train to tram (at Wimbledon and Elmers End at least), you need to touch your oyster on two yellow readers - touch out o one labelled 'national rail' and touch in on the other, 'tramlink'.

  2. No Wimbledon at least has all platforms within the same ticket barrier doesn't it?