Tuesday, 6 June 2017

To Dorset By Odd-Toed Ungulate

A Breezy Saturday Ride
The fbbs had guests last weekend, chums from Bont Dolgadfan. No, neither did the fbbs until they perused a map.
The Bont Dolgadfan bridge (Pont is Welsh for "bridge") is in the centre of the hamlet crossing the Afon Twymyn. It probably dates from the 18th century and was an important river crossing for the droveroad to Talerddig. The bridge is a Grade II listed structure.
The A470 links Cardiff with Llandudno, but the nearest significant places are Newtown and Machynlleth. The nearest buses are at Llanbrynmair.
Anyway, what better thing to do on a "suuny periods" Saturday than to take a ride on the Jurassic Mule, a k a Mendip Mule, a k a Shanklins Pony. Due to a fault on one of the double decks, the chosen 1210 departure from Seaton for Lyme Regis was the Mendip Mule itself, the Bristol RE converted to open top by Southern Vectis.

Here is TDK 546K back on home territory in Shanklin Old Village.
Pictures of scenic views are always a disappointment, so fbb will include just a few that convey something of the joys of Derek Gawn's route, driven by the boss-man himself..

We start at Seaton's "Fisherman's Gap" a k a Marine Place where we enjoy some of the little town's lovely floral displays and gaze westwards to Beer Head and the last of the white cliffs of Southern Englnd.
We trundle along the Esplanade, now looking east towards Lyme Regis and, on a clear day, all the way to Portland Bill.
At the small village of Rousdon, we pass the other bus on the peak hourly frequency and this is driven by one of Derek's loyal helpers; we will ride with him later.
We cross the border from Devon into Dorset ...
... thankfully with no delays or lengthy interrogations at the customs post.

The plan was for Mrs fbb and the Bont Dolgadfanians to spend some tine in Lyme ...
... so they alighted to explore the town whilst fbb continued to the end of the route. The run continues to Charmouth ...
... where the energetic can walk about half a mile to the beach where all things fossilised are on hand. 
But the escape from Lyme is always fun. "Museum Corner" is tight as tight can be but controlled by traffic lights.
But even after the lights you can meet something big and on-coming which means that passing has to be particularly precise. Ebullient Derek coped with a "coat of paint job" in a nearly-coming-together with one of Firsts' finest.

On the far side of Charmouth, the bus turns via the camping area at Newlands Holiday park.
Here, trees, parked cars, guy ropes and camp site delivery vans all add to the excitement. There isn't a great deal of spare room, but again our driver negotiated the obstacle course with aplomb and good nature.
fbb alighted back at the Square in Lyme with views of the Cobb, but no Meryl Streep ...
... or even the French Lieutenant!

The intention was to meet up with Mrs fbb and chums for a snack and a bevvy.

The tale will continue in a later post after a break for lunch!

Here is Derek's route map (click on it to enlarge) ...
... and his off-peak timetable operating Mondays to Thursdays until late July.

Tomorrow, however, we go to Rushden

 A lakeland experience blog : Wednesday 7th June 

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