Monday, 19 June 2017

The Whys and Wherefores of Whiteley (1)

A farm with its associated and historic "pastures" on the edge of Bere Forest? Unless you are a local or have exceptional geographical and historical knowledge, you still won't have any idea? Then this is the same area today!
Whiteley simply did not exist, apart from the farm, until the modern development took its name.
The nearest recognisable settlement was (and is) the village of Swanwick, near Fareham in Hampshire. The railway line is that from Portsmouth to Southampton; but this is now joined by the M27 and substantial development.
Swanwick Station is still open, served by the hourly all stops service that links the two major Solent Cities. Additionally the hourly "Southern" trains to and from Southampton also call, providing two trains an hour for what was once a very lowly Swanwick.
The Station is smart, well kept by Southwest trains ...
... and has a goodly selection of facilities.
The lavish Station Master's house is now an equally lavish tandoori restaurant ...
... with a reasonably lavish price list.
If you alight from your train, leave the station and turn right, there on the left of Duncan Road is a bus stop. Here is where you can catch a bus to Whiteley.
You could do something similar at Fareham.

Wherever you start, the frequency is not lavish.
What would you find when you get there? After crossing railway and M27, you leave the main Botley Road and power into the delights of Whiteley.
The Lipizzaner Fields time point illustrates the style of housing.
There then follows a huge horseshoe shaped wiggle which brings you back to Yew Tree Drive.
The next excitement is the Solent business Park #1 followed by the unhashed Solent Business Park.
We turn back via Top Lake and out onto Whiteley Way which leads us to ... tada ...
... Whiteley's Tesco, shopping, eating and leisure facilities.
Yep, it is yet another vast out of town retail development.
Sadly fbb and Mrs have missed out on so much by not having a JoJo Maman Bébé in Seaton.

So what's the point of this blog?

The sad fact is that the bus service to this feast of retail ecstasy is absolutely appalling, with just five out and back runs on the 28/28A and nothing else even withing easy walking distance.

Or is it? fbb has not really been in detailed contact with things along the Solent for four years, but a letter in the current Buses magazine set the old bloke on a train of omnibological explorations.

Of which more tomorrow.

Sadly, the original farm called Whiteley has been exterminated and, in its place, just across the road from Tesco and Cineworld is a line of cul-de-sacs (culs-de-sac?). Whiteley was once here!
But it is called Lavender Court ...
... and runs off Bluebell Way. Sweet! And this bit, to the north of the develoment, "belongs" to Winchester City Council and not Fareham.

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  1. Unfortunately the primary problem with Whiteley is that is has clearly been designed around the motor car as a series of fragmented developments rather than as a coherent community. The only long term solution is to demolish most of it and start over.

    1. Between 2011 and 2013 Whitley shopping area was rebuilt except for the Tesco store.


  2. Not material to the main theme about Whiteley, but in the interests of accuracy, I feel I should point out that the Southern service to Swanwick is actually two trains per hour (one to/from London and the other to/from Brighton).