Wednesday 9 April 2014

Partnership? What Partnership?

The words echoed by this blog's headline are usually attributed to 1979 Prime Minister Jim Callaghan.
The focus was the so-called "Winter of Discontent" when public services were ravaged by strikes. Things were grim.
Farmer Jim is reported to have said, "Crisis, what Crisis?" In fact, our Jim didn't say any such thing; the phrase was invented as a newspaper headline.
The PM's pronouncement was less dramatic ...
... although still equally unrealistic.

Sheffield Supertram is, in many ways, a strange beast. It is run by Stagecoach's rail division (East Midlands and SouthWest trains plus a hefty involvement in Virgin West Coast) and operates independently of Stagecoach buses in he city.

For some "season" tickets you have to pay extra for bus and tram despite both being Stagecoach businesses.
Of course, if you want Stagecoach bus and tram and First Bus, the price is even higher.
Your extra dosh to include tram in your season ticket may not be well spent at the moment as a significant chunk of the network is closed for track relaying.
But there is a highly successful bus partnership in the City which has (a) won awards, (b) increased bus ridership and (c) made some routes more profitable.

 So, to celebrate this chummy togetherness ...
... First Bus held an exciting event on Saturday last, prominently in Fargate which is bang in the city centre. The theme was boosted by a boxing ring and some pushy boxing-themed publicity!
You scoop the prize of £78 a year in savings if you throw in the towel with the tram and travel on First Bus.

 Route 51 

From Charnock to Sheffield City Centre, the 51 is the local
people's champion with buses every 10 minutes, every weekday. It also connects you, stress-free, to the rest of the city.

The 51 has way more stops than the tram making the bus likely to be closer to where you want to get on and off.

In fact, the 51 stops right at the heart of the new Moors Markets - unlike the tram.

 Routes 81, 82, 84 & 85 

Let the bus take you on an uninterrupted journey, unlike the tram, where you may have to get off and onto replacement buses whilst the tram track repairment** works are ongoing.

There's an 81, 82, 84 and 85 along every 5 minutes from Hillsborough Interchange to the City Centre and every 20 minutes from Fox Hill**. With more stops than the tram, the bus is likely to be closer to where you want to get on and off.

It's a walkover

For the
knockdown price of only £12, a FirstWeek ticket goes the distance giving you 7 days' travel anywhere in Sheffield.

It's a
unanimous decision, First Bus offers belting value, and the tram is out for the count!

 ** Snags? fbb is not sure why the blurb refers to Foxhill; the trams don't go there! Maybe the copy writers have never been to Sheffield, have never ridden on a tram or, heaven forfend, have never travelled on a First Bus bus. Those self-same copy writers have come up with the wierd "repairment", possibly archaic but realistically non-existent!

Partnership, What partnership?
And "sucker punches" to you, whatever that means.
It hardly seems possible but it is exactly one year since the fbb's received their first and only offer on their Isle of Wight pad approximately 19 hours after the agent posted the property's details "on the web". Within seven and  half weeks they were settled and downsized in sunny Seaton.
Praise God for his gracious provision of a new home and quick and efficient move. With God, miracles do happen!   
 Next bus blog : Thursday 1oth April 

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