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Bus Stop Bludner 2

For more background to buses to Bradway see a previous blog (here).

In summary, the first bus service to Bradway Bank was 59 via Hutcliffe Wood Road; then, for a while, it was service 17 via Abbeydale Road and Beauchief. But the third version was an approach via Woodseats, Meadowhead and Greenhill Parkway as an extension of former tram route 75.
This remained stable on into the PTE era ...
... until deregulation and competition brought Kingsman/Yorkshire Terrier to Bradway with service 25.
First Bus responded with a rejig, bringing their own 25/25A to Bradway ...
... and Terrier was taken over by Yorkshire Traction, itself later bought by Stagecoach.
But (and it is a big but, as we shall see) Terrier/Stagecoach extended their 25 into the estate at Bradway Bank, running via Wollaton Road and serving a loop at Longford Road/Longford Drive.
Remember (how could you ever forget?) that the traditional terminus was outside the Old Mother Redcap (pub) at the junction of Everard Avenue and Prospect Road. Before the pub and its bus turning loop were built, buses simply reversed into Wollaton Road.

But the extended route beyond the pub was never equipped with bus stops. It has always been "Hail and Ride". Of course, traditions develop and there are universally accepted corners (etc) where you would wait.

But when you wait is a real problem. Whether buses actually "wait time" at Longford Rd/Longford Dr is debatable.
The terminus is Old Mother Redcap; indeed, and unhelpfully, the timetable for journeys back into city simply ignores the "Longford" loop.
So we are looking for a bus stop for buses to Dore (M17) and even a bus for the last few hundred yards to Longford Drive (25). And if we look opposite Old Mother Redcap ...
... there isn't one! The turn into Wollaton Road is just past the post box.

Bradway residents know this well; the lack of stop and pole has existed since the competition introduced the Longfords extension - a good thirty years (?) - but is that really an excuse for neglecting to inform potential customers fully and correctly?

Sometime last week, correspondent Andrew made his way to Old Mother Redcap to catch his service 25 into town. He was surprised to find that the timetable had been removed from the twiddly thing ...
... and replaced by an advert for "cheaper travel for all 16-18 year olds". And what was on the other side?
More advertorial material and, at the top, a departure list for the M17. Would this be for the M17 that should leave from the pub stop going towards Jordanthorpe?

Of course not.

It was for the M17 that goes to Dore from the opposite side of the road, leaving from the non-existent (or invisible) stop! Did the frame tell you to cross the road and hang about somewhere, expectantly?

Of course not.

But, as fbb revealed at the start of yesterdays blog, SYPTE has had second thoughts. At some time over the weekend, possibly on Saturday morning, the display had been reorganised.

The "GoCheap" poster was replaced by a departure list for the 24/25 to City and on to Woodhouse.
The reverse now has the times for the M17 in the correct direction, i.e. towards Jordanthorpe. 


Erm ... but it doesn't stop there, at the shelter outside the pub!
It stops on the main road by the grassy knoll (!) but away from the shelter and timetable.

Does anything tell you that?

Of course not.
But there are also times for buses in the wrong direction, i.e. to Dore.

Does it tell you to cross the road and lurk somewhere?

Of course not. Local knowledge reveals that they actually do stop here ...
... although the phone box has gone and the street lamp has been renewed; but a "flag" and timetable frame on the post would make things considerably easier.

Does it tell you when buses leave for the Longford Road loop?

Of course not.

Is there ANY evidence of buses to the Longfords, or any evidence ANYWHERE of buses from the Longfords?

Of course not.

That means, yet again, that the journey planners cannot find ANY bus from Longford Drive (for example) and insist that you walk to Old Mother Redcap.
What about a bus in the opposite direction, from pub to estate loop?
Enjoy your unnecessary walk!

And the M17 to Dore? SYPTE's journey planner offers such stupidity as walking (PURPLE) to Abbeydale Road, then 98 bus (GREEN) and Walking from Totley Brook terminus.
Or and even longer walk from the 97 bus.
Or a bus into town and another lengthy journey back out again.
The M17 simply does not exist from Everard Road/Prospect Road, Old Mother Redcap or Bradway Bank to get you to Dore.

So thanks a bunch for putting a confusing and incomplete timetable back up - that's progress. But thanks not at all for discouraging many passengers in almost every possible way.

 Next park and ride blog : Wednesday 26th June 

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