Sunday, 21 April 2019

Weekend Wanderings (2)

Tanks for the Memory
Whilst new models produced for the wealthy (elderly) hobbyists of today are expensive, they are so much more detailed and accurate than anything that fbb might have bought as a teenager. Here is one from each or Hornby Dublo, Trix and Triang.
Hornby Dublo with representations of the diagonal strapping was always the best; but Trix had a ladder and Triang was the cheapest! Hornby Dublo was the most realistic, or perhaps the least unrealistic!
But as the years swept by, tank wagons became bigger. 

Until in the 1980s they looked like this ...
... and now you can buy one (or several) for your OO layout.
TWENTY different versions are available (they all look alike to fbb!!) ...
... and you can even buy a "barrier" wagon ...
... just like the real thing.
Retailer Hattons have even published diagrams of the make-up of a variety of trains, so you can get your set exactly right.
Of course there are a couple of snags for any intending purchaser. Firstly, even a shortish train of six tankers is too long for most layouts. Then there is the cost!
Six wagons at £75 each - hey hang the expense, go for "weathered" at £85 - plus barrier wagon - plus suitable locomotive works out at about £700 for the complete train. That's probably more than fbb has spent so far on his whole layout.

Too OUCH and too big for fbb; but they are selling well, your author understands.

Streamlining Your Locos
This was a craze from the 1930s onwards and some of the results were spectacular. Here are three that popped into fbb's in-box a few days ago.

and the USA
Meanwhile, back in little old blighty, the two great competitors for London to Scotland business both had they streamlines beasts.

and LMS
Generally, it was found that streamlining made no real difference to speed or coal consumption - but it did make maintenance more difficult. So bits were removed from the wheels of the A4 LNER locos and the whole casing was deleted from the Coronation class of the LMS.

And talking of body shape, fbb was reminded of the attractive front end of the original "Trans Pennine" diesel units ...
... compared with the long noses and angular livery of the modern nova 5 sets.
An improvement in looks?

Clear and Present Danger
Another problem that the fbbs may have faced on yesterdays rail journey might have been ...
... balloons.

Some newspapers carried articles suggesting that helium filled balloons were becoming a0 problem for Network Rail.
Network Rail wants to highlight what it says is a growing problem.

The rail infrastructure firm has recorded 619 balloon-related incidents - many dangerous - across England, Scotland and Wales in the past year.

Many incidents involve balloons getting tangled in high-voltage overhead wires, causing delays while the electricity is switched off and the lines made safe.

Really? It is hard to understand how a few very thin and flimsy gas bags could cause much trouble for 25,000 volts - or even for a large multi-tonne train. More explanation might help. Perhaps the flash and acrid black smoke might trip the fuses?

"If you're on a railway station platform with a foil balloon filled with helium on a string and it comes in contact with the overhead wires carrying 25,000 volts, that could cause huge injury or death," said James Dean, chief operating officer for Network Rail's London North Western route.
On the other hand, you could understand how a child with a helium balloon in tow might let it touch the overhead with consequent extermination of balloon, string and possibly child.

"Ideally, we'd ask people not to bring balloons into our stations at all. Alternatively, carry them in bags so the risk of them floating upwards is minimised."

As well as the safety risks and the delays to train passengers, Network Rail says the annual cost of this problem to the British taxpayer is around £1m a year.

Arrived Safe and Weary
The fbbs arrived safe and sort-of well - well travel weary after their lengthy journey at 1645 yesterday evening.
After some battles with the flat's "easy to use" Wifi, concluded successfully but inexplicably at 2145 last night (!), a blog on aspects of their journey will appear tomorrow.

 Next Axminster to Largs blog : Monday 21st April 

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Sunday - The Day When It Really Happened?
(unfortunate typo - for "cab" read "can")

On the Sunday morning, very early, all accounts agree that it was the women who set off for the tomb to tackle the task of properly "burying" Jesus. There were spices to be use on the body, there were grave clothes to wrap round Him. The rules were thorough and detailed.
Their concern was a very practical one. How would they move the stone?
The guards were gone, the stone was moved and Jesus was not there! Impossible!

And who, pray, were the two "impossible" men in shining white?
It was just impossible.

But wait and think a while. If there is a God, He is outside of our space and time and it is reasonable to assume that what is impossible within this universe can be changed from outside it.

God MUST be God of the impossible; that is what the word means.

It soon becomes very clear that the events of the first Easter Day are the key to the whole faith that we call Christianity.

And if the impossible really happened (and no one has yet come up with a credible and balanced alternative explanation) it MUST be crucial for all of us. (crucial - a good word to use; derived from the Latin for Cross!)

Yours is the glory, risen, conquering Son; 
endless is the victory, You o'er death have won; 
angels in bright raiment rolled the stone away, 
kept the folded grave clothes where Your body lay.  
Yours is the glory, risen conquering Son, 
Endless is the vict'ry, You o'er death have won.

See! Jesus meets us, risen from the tomb; 
Lovingly he greets us, scatters fear and gloom; 
let the Church with gladness, hymns of triumph sing; 
for her Lord is living, death hath lost its sting. 
Yours is the glory, risen conquering Son, 
Endless is the vict'ry, You o'er death have won.

No more we doubt You, glorious Prince of life; 
life is naught without thee; aid us in our strife; 
make us more than conquerors, through Your deathless love: 
bring us safe through Jordan to Your home above. 
Yours is the glory, risen conquering Son, 
Endless is the vict'ry, You o'er death have won.

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