Sunday, 6 January 2019

A Collection of Stuff

fbb received all sorts of bits and bobs via the Twittersphere some of which may not find their way into other media. Here are a few from recent twitterings.

Slide Has Slidden Away.
Remember "Slide", an experimental App-Book minibus service?
It offered the now-common "Uber" style service in and between selected areas of the city.
It closed down just before Christmas. Unfortunately all its on-line gubbins is still in place.
fbb decided not to risk downloading the App in case his modest bag of gold were to be sucked into some untouchable on-line repository, never to re-appear!

It's all still on TravelWest as well.

Strikebusting Publicity
Several operators are showing pages encouraging distressed Northern passengers how lovely their bus services are.
Some offers may have expired post Festive season but, no doubt the lovers of social media will know how to check. Having downloaded the graphic, fbb could not find the original Twit, which suggests that you have to be a seasoned Twitterer to discover these deals.

One operator that is just starting its Northern Strike days offer is Stagecoach in and around Sheffield.

But it is not easy to find. 
The information is at the end of the operator's "updates" list with no  link to the home page - so how do passengers find out?

The extras run on Saturday strike days when Northern Rail operates a limited service until about 1700. Service X17 is doubled to half  hourly between Sheffield and Barnsley.
NG means that the bus is NOT to "Gold" standard as is confirmed by a picture (snapped yesterday) from Sheffield correspondent Roy.
South Yorkshire PTE has also publicised the service. If you happen to look in the right place. The only indication is this ...
... in the timetables listing. If you know it has happened, you could look it up - but how will you know?
To further encourage use of these journeys, the PTE table only shows the extra journeys; no attempt has been made to "print" (on-screen or self-download only) the full timetable.
Not surprisingly, loadings on the first day were negligible!

For the record, the X10 between Barnsley and Leeds was also doubled on Saturday strike days.

Shock News - Tesco Promotes ASDA Goods!
Of course it isn't true! It would be simply crackpot for a leading supermarket chain to be advertising its competitors' products.

So why is Arriva in Derby advertising cars?
Maybe Stoneacre are offering a "quid pro quo" and is adding an "Arriva is Best" sticker to all its shiny FIAT cars?

Maybe not, eh?

South Western Railway are having a bit of trouble with the lads (and lasses) enjoying some strike (in)action. But would you really like your passengers to be persuaded by an advert that your operation was, erm, deficient. 

Thus poster appeared recently at Petersfield Station (near Portsmouth).

And from London Underground?

Don't travel on the Tube, walk instead!
Awhile back, Transport for London produced this map. It shows walking times between stations to encourage you NOT to use the train. 

And An On-Line Mystery.
This picture popped into fbb's in-box few days ago. You would have to believe that these buses from Accrington Corporation were pictured in the gloriously named Owaldtwistle.
But which country does "Autob├║s de" come from? And what is the link between that nation and Oswaldtwistle?

Might it be transliterated Greek?

Some of the Bristol stuff is postponed to tomorrow.

 Next (mainly) Bristol blog : Monday 7th Jan 


  1. The walking times on underground maps are useful. Some trains are so full you wait longer for one with squashed standing space than you would have done walking!

  2. But once you're on the platform consideration of walking and its duration is somewhat academic. Interchanges too can be a trek too, more than expected. The French term "correspondences" seems apt; you could almost write a letter in the time taken.

  3. Andrew Kleissner6 January 2019 at 16:28

    If I was travelling from Burnt Oak to Covent Garden opera house with my mother, she always exited at Leicester Square and walked, thinking it quicker than changing, waiting for the train and then the lift.