Friday, 5 October 2018

Fast Link Or Farce Link? (1)

The fbb's last day in Glasgow ...
... And A Trip To The Hospital.
They had big plans. fbb would, at last, get his train ride along the Waverley Route to Tweedbank whilst Mrs would have a happy and nostalgic day wandering around her native City. But in the end, weariness from the holiday encouraged them to go for a less demanding programme.

Luggage was transferred from the Holiday Inn Express to the Argyll Hotel on Sauchiehall Street - not the famous shopping destination, now undergoing an environmental upgrade.
The one-nighter would be near the western end of the road, quite close to the Art Gallery and Kelvin Hall.
A No 2 bus took them almost door-to-door, depositing then at the "only tree on Argyle Street" shown above on Google Maps, but unknown to the bus driver.
Bravely, fbb used "contactless" to purchase a Day Ticket for self and a single for the Mrs. - thus negating the stress of having to find the "exact fare". Much to his amazement, the world did not end and First Bus did not filch £1000 from his account; or, at least, not according to the receipt!

Just opposite the minimalist afforestation was a parked car with an amusing registration plate. In the Glasgow argot ...
... it reads RI (right) EJT (idiot)! Nice.

It was but a short nip through to the hotel to park the bags.

 Dateline Friday 28th September 

fbb's pre-planned "circular" involved catching a First Bus service 77 from outside the door.
This was part of First's response to the expansion of the former Southern General Hospital and its morphing into The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. The 77 also competes with McGills route 17, a longstanding service to Paisley etc, but running via Partick and the Clyde Tunnel. The new route replaced the half hourly 747 back in 2015.
Early publicity for the 77 was bright and cheerful.

... with part service continuing to Braehead shopping ...
... and on to the Airport.
It now joins a group of other services to the Hospital which carry the "Hospital Connect" brand.
There is also a map, extract below.
fbb hopped off at Partick in the hope of finding some printed material. Fat chance!

Instead he found a shiny new bus station. Its predecessor was a collection of bog-standard bus shelters ...
... now replaced by six waiting "rooms", fully enclosed and with bus triggered doors.
fbb will take a closer look tomorrow, but initially went on a search for a leaflet or two. The underground (a k a "Subway") station joined the big train station in one chummy togetherness building.
Can you buy a joint Rail and Undergtound ticket? Of course not.
Everything is resolutely separate. Can you buy a joint Undergound and bus ticket?

Don'y be silly. Can you buy a day rover valid on bus and underground and/or train.

Now you're being ridiculous!

Originally the two services were physically separate. Merkland Street underground entrance was roughly on the present site ...
... whereas the national rail station was further north on the other side of Dumbarton Road.
Both stations were moved (the underground only by a few yards) to form the new non-joint premises. The platforms at the old site were still in place when fbb last trundled past.
After a mugga, a really fresh and scrumptious nut of dough and a PNB in Morrisons ...
... fbb was fueled and ready to go on and under to the Hospital (upper right on the map below) ...
... which involved plunging into the Clyde tunnel.
The old hospital building ...
... is still in use, but the site is vastly expanded ...
... leaving the former block looking very tiny indeed, lower left in the picture above. fbb alighted at "Admissions Square" (centre right) to prepare for his next journey.

Skye Ferry P.S.
On Wednesday fbb mentioned the delightfully old-fashioned Kyle Rhea ferry. Thanks to correspondent Peter, we can see that this vessel got itself in to a bit of bother, also on Wednesday.
Due to a fast falling tide, the boat was unable to escape from the clutches of the slipway and remained marooned until the waters returned.


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  1. You can get a combined rail and underground ticket called a roundabout ticket. See Strathclyde Passenger Transport day ticket page.

  2. Or you can get the rail, subway and most bus operators (but not McGills) day ticket called Daytripper, also on the same page.