Tuesday, 11 September 2018

My M Y Day & More; Yate (2)

The plan was revised ...
... because of some slick working by the fbb! There is an 0824 from Exeter to Bristol, but the 0821 arrival from Axminster often grinds to a halt between Exeter Central at St Davids, so the connection is risky. But fbb made it, thus allowing an earlier M2 trip (0942) from "Temple Meads" to Ashton Vale (wrongly named in fbb's original schedule).

This in turn meant that a much earlier departure back to Bristol (1012) was possible. But this was due in to "The Centre" at 1042 with a (dodgy) three minute connection. Aha, thinks fbb, now an opportunity to run a whole hour earlier.

So it was that you rescheduled blogger alighted from the M2 at Cabot Circus, crossed the Busy Bond Street and waited for his bus (1040 from The Centre) to Yate and Chipping Sodbury.
The Monolith for Metrobus M3 was working and showed all departures from that stop ...
... including FALC which actually terminates there. It departs from fbb's alighting stop(s).
The scrolling route numbers/letters also includes the U3 which hasn't started yet. Presumably the confuser programme lists every route on the database - even if it is not actually "departing". Weak.

Notice that all five of the Bristol to Yate services call here, as all five use at least a titchy bit of the M32.

Again, fbb wonders whether the grouping of services on the printed departure lists is the most helpful.
Whilst Y1 and Y2 have some affinity, Y5 is completely different and surely demands a separate list.
But let us step back a bit.

 via Coalpit Heath a k a "Direct" to Yate 

In about year 2000 the Great Britain Bus Timetable was showing an X40 via the M32 and Coalpit Heath.
As far as Yate this is the same as today's (and fbb's) Y1.

Via the Yate estates, also Coalpit Heath, the services were a mixture of daytime 341 and 342 and evening/Sunday 641 and 642. The six hundreds were tendered services.
Broadly these were the same at the new Y2 as far as Yate (i.e. NOT via the M32) then via the estates like the Y1.

Searching on-line, the ever risky internet gives us a VERY out-of-date map and timetable summary from the hallowed portals of South Gloucestershire Council.
Things have changed since Y2K.
We have a half hourly 342 via the Estates and Coalpit Heath but NOT via the M32 with a smattering of occasional trips via the M32 and numbered X42

Not to be outdone, South Gloucestershir manages to tuck away another less out-of-date on-line; this time services up to Saturday 1st September.

Now we have a renumbering.
Much the same as the 2014 pattern, the 47 runs every 30 minutes NOT via the M32, whilst the X47 is the number for the sporadic "commuter" journeys that do venture on the the M32.

For confirmation of the routes, we only have to turn to First Bus, who, as with Clacton, are still showing the May 2018 services in the "network maps" section.
The Yate estates, as referred to above, are those south of the town ...
... the north comes later.

Which now allows us to bring things up-to-date. From the beginning of September, services revert to the 2014 pattern - sort of. The X47 becomes Y1 every 30 minutes via the M32 and the 347 becomes Y2 every hour NOT via the M32.
In a further change, the Y1 runs to Bristol The Centre (Colston Street) rather than the bus station. Evening and Sunday journeys are all Y2 (NOT via M32) and so extend via the estates to Chipping Sodbury. All is covered in the excellent First Bus timetable book, absolutely BURSTING with excellent maps!
All journeys via Coalpit Heath as before.

Coalpit Heath?
At one time a fairly scattered community with at station on the Great Western main line ...
... the village has expanded and we shall meet it again soon!

fbb has to confess that the Y1 is not the most interesting bus route he has ever ridden. After leaving the M32, the route via Coalpit Heath lacks "excitement" and the route via the estates is, well, just rows and rows of houses with occasional glimpses of the Great Western main line ...
... now with added (but incomplete) electrification.

But the Y1 does end up at Chipping Sodbury, which is well worth a mention - and it is there that things went very wrong with fbb's schedule.

But we rush ahead of ourselves. Firstly tomorrow we must take a look at the Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6 and their recent history.

In the meantime, here is Yate sometime post World War 2 ...
The church just peeps in top centre and the village pub (The White Lion) is at an angle at the road junction. Now here is a similar shot from Google Earth, taken recently.
Church road has been bent to the right and the splurge is just part of Yate's shopping and leisure centre. Both pictures will enlarge if you click thereupon.

And finally ...

Why does the Cabot Circus departure list tell us that the Y1 runs via Kendleshire?
It is about the smallest hamlet (barely that) on the whole Y1 route.
Whatever happened to Coalpit Heath? And the Y2? Ah, you see, that doesn't go via Kendleshire OR Coalpit Heath ...
... according to the idiot computer - or the ***** who programed it?

Of course it does!

In addition to usual Church "stuff" on Wednesdays, fbb and Mrs are leading the Harvest Festival service on Sunday, then preparing and serving a church lunch to at least two dozen folk. Then on Saturday 22nd the twosome set off for a week's "Rail Discovery" holiday in Scotland.

Some reduction of blogging quantity and quality may be expected!
 Next Yate etc blog : Wednesday 12th September 

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