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Bus Stop Shop Window (3)

Across The Road ...
... where things are even more interesting! Loros (or LOROS) has become Groby Road! There are five bus stops on Groby Road so, by definition, the name is unhelpful. Leicester used to run trams to "Groby Road" ...
... with a terminus not far from this stop.

Then we have the Arriva blue band but without 29X, 50 and 54 have not run for ages and fbb thinks that the 50 was run by Veolia and not Centrebus. Centrebus runs the Leicester Hospital Hopper (route "number" UHL), but another UHL stops there; or is UHL the operator of the 121 which also hasn't run for some time! And the 120, which does still run, is not mentioned.

It is a right mess. A comment writer tried to apportion blame to Leicester City Council, but if fbb were a bus operator, he would be up a step ladder making it right (yes, for EVERY company) and hang the political consequences.

The inbound stop had an unnecessarily lengthy printed departure list in the frame and so (hooray?) does the outbound stop.
The stop, you will note, has now become Heathley Park Drive! But, on closer inspection ...
... it is clear that most of the times are WRONG and it shows service 28 which has been withdrawn. Even closer inspection reveals a date ...
... at least two changes back and thus utterly useless. 

The inbound stop has a nearly-real-rime display, where it probably is unnecessary as buses are frequent and mostly go to the same place. The outward stop has no such luxury where it IS needed, only a useless printed list.


Let us pause a while and contemplate the heading on this display.
Thanks to Google's clever new Google Lens utility, we can read and print the text from fbb's photograph. fbb has added comments!

26 to Coalville via Groby, Ratby and Ellistown.
Operated by Arriva
Times are WRONG

27 to Ratby via Groby, Laundon Way.
Operated by Arriva
Times are WRONG

28 to Groby, Pine Tree Avenue.
Operated by Arriva

29A to Coalville via Groby, Markfield and Whitwick.
Operated by Arriva
Times are WRONG. Now includes 29 and 29X

120 to Coalville via Anstey, Markfield and Ellistown.
Operated by Roberts Coaches
Company web site suggests this is CORRECT

123 to Loughborough via Anstey, Thurcaston and Quorn.
Operated by Kinchbus

UHL to Beaumont Centre via Glenfield Hospital.
Operated by Centrebus
Times are WRONG

Most 29A journeys before 1800 daily
continue from Coalville to Burton on Trent
as service 9/9A or 9E
Not any more. 29/29A runs through to Burton

What an absolutely appalling advertisement for public transport. Leicester City Council (responsible, we are told, for the display) should be ashamed - but the operators simply don't deserve to carry ANY passengers if this is what they tolerate.

Beyond belief.

On the Friday evening of his Grand Tour, fbb was off to the Stamford Arms at Groby for a meal with pal of many years, David.
The correct bus times were perfect for the booked meal and, pleasurably, the Arriva service 29 arrived at Loros, L O R O S, Groby Road, Heathley Park spot on time and delivered its precious cargo "on the button" for a sit-down at 1930.

Lamb and Leek Pie. Scrumptious!
(not the actual pie, but a close approximation)

Opposite the pub is a bus stop, Groby Co-op.
It has a shelter and a "real time" display and is the obvious main stop in the centre of Groby. It would be ideal for fbb, replete with  pie, pud and a bevvy, for a bus back to the Premier Inn at Heathley Park.

Except there aren't any buses from here in the evenings or on Sundays. The only service that calls at this "obvious main stop" is hourly service 26, Monday to Saturday daytimes.

The last 26 to Leicester left at 1740 approx.
So where are the 29s?  Because, towards Leicester, the only way into the village is via the wiggle off the by-pass ...
...  29s cannot get to the Co-op shop stop. They appear a bit further up the Leicester Road ...
... and stop at a well disguised stop pole-n-flag called "opp Pymm Ley Lane".
It isn't! It IS "opp the Post Office". It doesn't have a shelter, it doesn't have any real time display; so there is no electronic assistance here for the main bus service from Groby to Leicester. And, if, foolishly, you happen to approach from Pymm Ley Lane ...
... (picture right) there is NO stop opp!

By the time fbb had dined, darkness shrouded the village of Groby and his departure stop was really, really inviting.
Spot fbb's chum, waiting patiently while el chubbo took the snap.

The bus was warm, comfortable and eight minutes late; yes at a scheduled 2048!

Incidentally, there is no indication at the Co-op stop that potential passengers would be much better off walking 200 yards along the road. Chum David regularly advises waiting Groobs that they are at the wrong stop!

Is this really, really the best the industry can do? Is this really the way to stem the tide of lost passengers? Is this really the way to encourage people to leave their cars at home and go by bus?

Poor, beyond belief!

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  1. Derbyshire fell into the trap of naming the stop after the road it is on instead of a landmark or side road years ago. Going along Alfreton Road in Derby, every stop was clearly labelled "Alfreton Road"!