Thursday, 5 May 2016

9A? Which Way? That Way? No Way! [1]

It's All Available On-Line ...
... but not on Devon's county-wise map. With changes in the Seaton area on May 2nd, May 8th and May 31st, some would say that it is not surprising that this particular piece of cartography is not up to date. But the big benefit of the internet is that it can be updated quickly.

For those not au fait with computers and drawing, it is very easy indeed to change the blue line between Seaton and Lyme Regis to a red colour, remove the 899, change the X53 to X52, change the 52A to 9A and add the 9A on the road to Lyme Regis.

But because the map is "interactive" the work is a bit harder. But it still should be done and dusted.

Likewise Journey Devon has town maps replicated from their printed timetable books.
As the days tick by to May 31st, this too will become more and more useless. At the end of the month the revised Devon timetable books are due to be published; hopefully with accurate maps.

But there is good news.

The on-line Stagecoach map has been updated in the Season area ...
... incorrectly!

The 9A to Lyme Regis leaves Seaton via Axmouth and not the same way as the 9A to Exeter or the 20 to Honiton. Interestingly, Stagecoach still advertises the "Sea Discovery Centre" which doesn't exist.

But look again at the "old" Seaton Map. The 52A ran (until last Monday) in a terminal loop via the Esplanade.
Also encouraging is the excellent work by Stagecoach in installing brand new 9A bus stop flags ...
... like this one installed for the new service on the Esplanade. Here is the old stop ...
... and here is the new.
The name "East Walk" pre-dates "Esplanade" and goes back to Victorian times when the road was just a footpath. But as well as the misleading name, there is another tiny little problem.

The new 9A doesn't run via the Esplanade - not at all, not ever.

Buses from Lyme Regis to Seaton run via Harbour Road ...
... buses from Seaton to Lyme Regis also run via Harbour Road.

In both directions passing fbb towers.

There is now no scheduled bus service via the Esplanade (or even via East Walk). Best not to wait for a 9A there, then.

But belay that order cap'n!

fbb is WRONG. This needs a repeat. fbb is WRONG.

Buses do still run via the Esplanade as fbb found out yesterday evening. After a sumptuous dinner (lamb casserole followed by apple crumble and cream), fbb nipped out to the palladian columned steps of his Seaton mansion to observe the passing of service 9As

First past was the bus from Lyme Regis via Axmouth due at 1808 (1 passenger) ...
... seen here having just crossed the River Axe and passing the bottom of Trevelyan Road which leads down from the Esplanade. It leaves Marine Place (Seaton Centre) for Exeter at 1815.

Next past was the 1812 to Axmouth and Lyme Regis ...
... totally passenger-less.

But what is this approaching at 1818?
It is the 1815 from Marine Place to Exeter (the 1808 from Axmouth already pictured above) coming down Trevelyan Road having traversed the Esplanade and passed the incorrectly vilified "East Walk" stop. It passes fbb mansions a second time on its merry way to Exeter.

Pay attention at the back! Buses to and from Axmouth do, indeed, travel via Harbour Road in both directions. But buses to Exeter still loop via the Esplanade like they always did when they were 52As. It is all made ctystal clear on the Traveline map.
Crystal clear!

How the ordinary, innocent Seatonian could discover that from any map, timetable or on-line publicity remains a complete mystery!

But, when we get to Lyme Regis, things become even more interesting.

 Next 9A information blog : Friday 6th May 


  1. So have Stagecoach registered it correctly to serve the Esplanade stop? If so, it should be on the Traveline map - and it isn't... (checked with the HTML version which can be enlarged to an appropriate scale).
    The open top route at Exmouth is somewhat adrift of Traveline and DCC's description of it, serving three pairs of marked stops that don't appear on the NAPTAN database.

  2. Just checked the Traveline HTML map for the Exeter/Seaton leg of the 9A, and the "Inbound" journey is shown via Esplanade leaving Seaton.

  3. Saw two 9A's in Lyme today and both seemed to have good amount of passengers!!!!!