Friday, 31 July 2015

And That Other Journey Planner [3]

You'll Enjoy This, First Bus - Not a Lot!
See Yesterday's blog (read again).

Searching First Bus' journey planner [JP] for a journey from Watford Junction (Station) to Old Fort Road Shoreham Beach, we are offered THREE Watford Junctions.
fbb tried the first with a journey departure time of 1630; roughly when No 3 son tends to travel.
Back at the speed of a senior snail on a zimmer frame came the huge selection of answers ...
... with no journey at or after 1630.
Intrigued, fbb clicked on the answer panel (although nowhere are we offered this option) to view a detailed breakdown of the journey.

We begin by taking  724 to Heathrow ...
... then a couple of National Express coach routes to Brighton:-
Nowhere are we told that these services are book-ahead only. The grindingly tedious trip ends with the 700 to from  Brighton to Shoreham and the 19 to "The Beach".
Total journey time, four hours and 24 minutes. Might it not have been quicker by train? According to First Bus, there are no trains!

Undaunted, fbb tried the second Watford Junction, now with added "Dc".
Exactly the same silly answers appear but now with different departure and arrival times and an extra 2 minutes of journey time. Potty.

Attempt three uses "Watford Junction Railway Station" which is, as its name suggests, is the Bus Station. No matter; it gives the same results again.
Again, where are the trains?
Answer, First has pre-selected only "Walk" and "Bus" (which includes journeys that are not buses, e.g. by National Express). So, although here is no explanation to guide the frustrated traveller, we need to click on "All". Here we go again.

Oh no we don't.

[From] Sorry, we can't find that place,
did you type it in correctly?
Alternatively try the postcode.
If you need help contact us.

But the JP now cannot find Watford Junction Railway Station i.e. Bus Station. But the other Watford Junction does, AT LAST, give a rail answer.
The nearest to a 1630 departure offered is 0739. Potty and double potty.
It us not at all clear why you have to change at Haywards Heath as there are always through trains. But First's inherited creation then excels itself with the bus from Shoreham by Sea station to Old Fort Road on "The Beach".
What a spiffing wheeze. Catch a bus from (near) Shoreham Station to Old Fort Road; get off the 19 and catch bus 19 to Harbour Way then walk to Old Fort Road.

Potty and treble potty.

Or you could ask Traveline South-east.
Seemples. And this is he route used by No 3 son.

fbb wonders whether the First Bus techie people realise what drivel they promulgate. But then they probably drive flashy cars (if they are managers) or creaky bicycles (if they are computer nerds). From the evidence of their own JP, they certainly don't travel by public transport.

Answers from First Bus, please? Fat chance.

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