Monday 20 May 2024

Weekend Variety Running Late (1)

Silliness Collection

Mrs fbb quite likes to watch a bit of tennis, especially of Andy is playing. She discovered she can watch the "Challies" on commentary-less TV as above. It is fair to say that Challenger TV falls just a tad short of the BBC's converge of Wimbledon, for example. Here is a screen shot from one match showing the scores for a doubles encounter. The scores were live ...
... but the pitch remained resolutely empty for the few minutes that the fbb's hoped to see some tennis! There was, however, the excitement of the man raking the brick dust!

Headline : Bristol Pub
It brands itself as a Micro Pub which looks about right.
But, sadly and according to the ever reliable internet, this hostelry ...
... does not sell larger

That would suit fbb as "a half" is about all he can manage without (a) needing tio run to the "facilities" and (b) falling asleep. fbb only drink smaller.

Incidentally, it wasn't;t anything as simple as a spealing mustook. The same comment appeared in the fuller text paragraph below.

York, A P.S.
Remember the arches in the City Walls, blasted through to allow trains to get to the original terminus station and the reason for the Queen Street bridge. 

Now the bridge has gone, you can see the arch in all its vandalism-induced glory. Shouldn't it be filled in, restoring the wall to its impregnable purpose?

Oxygene Trains
SNCF has revealed pictures of its latest rolling stock. There are still some secondary intercity services operated by venerable Corail stock, now rather long in the couplings but oft refurbished.
The replacements are multiple unit trains that look "cool".
There is a video on-line of a train buzzing round the test track at Velim.
The test centre is a bit like a 12 inches to the foot model railway oval. Velim os not too far from Prague and it all used to be in Czechoslovakia when fbb was a lad and before they changed the name (TWICE!) just to confuse the old people.
But the trains do look good!
Can we have some between Axminster and Waterloo?

More Competition
With the railways still struggling to get back to pre covid numbers, it is interesting to see yet more contenders for "open access" services.

After proposing trains from Kings Criss to Sheffield, First Rail's Loony named Lumo is now looking at the West Coast main line ...

...where its new service will compete with Avanti, a First Rail company.

Yes, we have yet another example of the craziness of the remnants of the commercial railway. 

But there is worse to come.

Tricky Dickie is back!

Or might be back if he gets his licence.

New Trains Revealed
The  replacement stock for the Tyne and Wear Metro has been trundling around on test. Here is the old stuff ...
... and here is the whizzo new stock, underground ...
... in the open ...
... and confusing the passengers!

Topless in Stirling
The Bearded Bus Beautifier from the Bush strikes again.
But, there is a snag. On the side of the bus is a lovely picture of the statue commemorating the heroic leadership of Mel Gibson ...
... but the bus does not go to the Wallace statue..
Maybe Ray should have included the Wallace Monument, ...
... which is served, as part of his splendid artwork.

Here's the timetable.
It does run at a very un-memorable every 40 minutes.

Whoops again!

On the positive side, the tour has a route number. It is service 1314.
Somebody knows their history! fbb didn't.

1314 was the Battle of Bannockurn where the Scots WON!

Doctor Who Episode 3
Far less silly than the first two.

Because the doctor spends most of the episode standing one-legged on a futuristic computer controlled land mine, he has far less opportunity for silliness.
There was a bit of real drama if you could cope with futuristic ordained vicars fighting an electronic war with no enemy - as they do!

More Silliness
Dapol have just launched a new range of OO model railway wagons (covered vans to be precise) named after nostalgic no longer manufactured ice lolly products.

And it isn't even April 1st!

Here is the realistic basic van ...
... at (by todays ludicrous pricing standards) a really cheap £11. That is about one third of similar vans from other manufacturers. And here are the ice lolly liveried versions.

fbb thought it was called a "Zoom"!

More variety tomorrow.

Puzzle Picture
Where is this sign located?

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  1. picture puzzle: Stratford Railway Station

  2. Those of us who have suffered from the cancellations and general incompetence of Avanti West Coast in recent months would be glad of a more reliable alternative!