Thursday 30 May 2024

Nice in Nice : Can you in Cannes? (4)

2, B and Not 2, B : that is A Question (1)

Ligne "A" is branded "Palm Express" which is French for "Palm Express". It is often pictured with articulated Heuliez buses and sometimes some without articulation.
Note the less than legible route letter! At some stage a clearer version was shown.
The route starts at Gare SNCF and strikes westbound, calling at the Hotel de Ville bus station on the way.
The road is inland from the coast ...
... and somewhat more "interesting" at its western extremity direction.
Here is the outer terminus at Centre Commercial Minelle where you will find said dread red shed ...
... which, it claims, is an assemblage of all that is great in retail therapy.
Bus (sorry, "Ligne") "A" can be found at the very outer edge of the car park and a good toddle from one of several entrances to the rubicund remover of any remaining riches!
At least one picture has its route letter not in green on green, not in red on black but in white on blue!
Palm Express A runs every 12 minutes ...
... in the usual erratic definition of any frequency of Cannes buses.

But the question we are all asking is this:-

How express are the Palm Express lignes A and B?

fbb will tackle that vital question in tomorrow's blog. 

Meanwhile let us go to La Plage de Bocca (Bocca Beach for linguistically challenged Anglophiles). We can travel via bus route 22 along the coast road westbound from Cannes Centre. Our friend Palm Express A is futher inland ...
... beyond the railway.
The beach area is a more recent development ...
... where many of the naturally growing palm trees ...
... have recently been planted! There are some super-posh apartment blocks!
Whilst long distance access is OK via ligne 22 (ORANGE) ...
... local links are not so good, there being some hulking great railway yards in the way.

Undaunted by this geographical problem, Palm Bus has introduced a Summer "Shuttle" which doesn't appear on the current map and is not obviously listed in the web site.
Say hello to the Bocca Cabana! In 2023 it ran from 21st June to 10th September - which is probably why it remains secret at the moment. Frequency was every 15 minutes seven days a week ...
... and the timetable showed every stop. The route was an anti clockwise loop round the railway yards (!) with an interchange stop at Resistance Coubertin (map, top left) ...
... outside the Renault dealership.
Whilst the "normal" bus services whizz happily round the roundabout a few yards ahead of the Renault stop, as here with our favourite Express A ...
... stops in both directions on the main road are in the middle of the busy carriageway on reserved track ...
... but some distance east of said roundabout.
The Renault shed is centre left; the bus stops are by the greenery, upper right.

Zut alors.

In an attempt to resolve the Expressness of A and B, fbb will do a contrast and compare of two "lignes" running side by side, as it were, for part of their routes.

The "Nice" part of this series of blogs, nice though it would have been, is postponed for operational reasons!

 Next 'Can Do in Cannes' blog : Friday 31st May 

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  1. Digital photos of coloured LEDs rarely reproduce the colour as seen by the naked eye. All those different As in the photos are probably consistently one colour in real life!